Im new is there such a thing as safe pve corps that only do things like mining etc?

i would like to avoid too much danger is there such a thing while still being able to make money and get upgrades?

Yes. They’re a dime a dozen.

But be aware of being preyed upon. There’s a lot of corps that:

  • Use your membership to fuel the CEO‘s tax income (ex: Silent Company — avoid)
  • Not teach you how to PvP
  • Not teach you how to survive as prey (if you’re not out hunting, you’re prey, no matter the space — yes high sec included)
  • Have programs like „ore buyback“ which are meant to rip you off
  • Not fleet up, or leave you „alone“ a lot
  • But they will be very friendly the whole time

What you want to look for:

  • Corps that fleet together, including for PvP
  • Corps that can support you gaining knowledge, and encouraging you to try things out
  • Corps that encourage you to lose ships, and don’t chimp when you lose a ship (in PvP or PvE)
  • Corps that, when you ask a question, won’t ignore you nor make fun of you for not knowing

Money is always a struggle but it’s not a measure of progress. You define your progress.

And remember you can always change corps.


I would recommend brave newbies or karmafleet.

Hey I can’t fleet up a lot of the time and am working on fixing are fleet issues

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