I'm thinking about quitting Amarr FW for Caldari or Gallente

Now don’t get me wrong, I like the odds stacked against me a bit, just not to the point where I feel like I have nothing to do. I feel like I’m pulling roughly even on kills (which I think is good when you’re flying trash and are outnumbered) and overall I’m proud of my own performance in the game. I don’t think that I just need to “get gud” anymore or that it’s just a matter of “fleeting up”. I was also quite excited for the Havoc expansion but unfortunately, in practice, I think it has failed. Maybe I can find Eve to be more playable if I change sides?

  1. The stated point for the frontlines system was to get people into fewer systems so that there’s more fighting and less farming. I feel as if Havoc has largely undone this: the Amarr half of the Amarr/Minmatar map is almost entirely frontline systems right now.

  2. Things went from “you’re outnumbered but it just means more people to shoot at” to “there’s 19 multibox Algos and 1 Bifrost in this system and I’m the only guy here.” My coalition’s strategy when there’s an insurgency is not to fight back, but instead it’s to have everyone join the Angel side and try to end things as quickly as possible. Normally I take issue with this mentality but right now it’s just like, there seems to be 0% chance of fighting back.

  3. Gate camps are all over. I try to make/join a fleet but half the guys die in route to T2 gate camps. I usually make it through alive but this was originally a new player-oriented kind of thing and I am not surprised that most don’t.

  4. I liked things better how they were before. Not just the numbers, but pitting new players in Punishers against nullsec blobs in Jaguars strikes me as dubious. I would rather see them tweak pirate ships so that they are the same strength as Navy Issue ships, then things go back to how things were before, with fewer T2 ships around. The current meta has made the way I used to play the game more or less impossible.

  5. I’m thinking that if I join the Caldari or maybe even the Gallente side, I might have better luck. Although Gallente’s side of the map looks almost as bad as Amarr’s side, I hear there’s more people.

Overall my play time in Eve is way down because I don’t feel like there are as many entertaining activities to do lately.

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The Gallente side looks fairly bleak, too. Grrrrrr nullsec?

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I’m in Calmil but invite you to join either side in CalMil/GalMil FW. Join the South Galmil and avoid Sedition… toxic peeps there

They’d know that already. If memory serves sedition was/is part of the mass exodus from amarr fw. Why I’d say gallente is either a good fit or bad one for them. That be based on how they got along with amarr refugees to gallente mil lol.

OP maybe see how many bite into Fl33t’s lets play 0.0 games more bit to maybe even it out some?

Or wish you well in whatever chosen. I am taking a small break to slum it no fw for a bit. I’d see min or cal mil run when that break is over. Had my angel fun but yeah…for now I seek other things.

  1. This is because the all the good Amarr groups folded or moved on to different things. This happened in feb-march of 2023. It was a far different story in January when there were only 3 frontlines in a gridlock.

  2. Your alliance is garbage. Galmil actually manages to form when the insurgency happens in their pocket. Leave whoever your with and join someone else who is willing to take risk.

  3. Gatecamps are common in the gallente/caldari warzone. They exist to bait fights on the gate.

  4. Fly something other than punishers. Empire fw has already been heavily restricted to t1 and navy hulls to favor new players. The rest of the game shouldn’t be restricted because they dont want to spend isk. You are in fw and should be raking in the isk to fly at least an assault frigate like a retribution. Everyone else (including new players) manages to so i’m not sure why you cant.

  5. The gallente and caldari warzone is very compact and has larger gangs prowling

It sounds like you’re not playing Eve as much because you fly with a bad group for pvp and arent willing to fly something that isnt a t1 ship.

sedition wasn’t in amarr fw. But they many members who are former amarr fw (Dirt n Glitter).

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