I'm tired of fighting the scammers. (FW)

This guy “@Ron Mo” is cheater. I couldn’t find where to complain. He’s Minmatar militia in FW.

NPC is never spawn at the outpost where he enters. And he’s never having to kill NPC. Nevertheless!!! He’s taking all the outposts.

The NPC is spawn when I entered to catch it. Or if it already exists, it doesn’t stop it from filling the time.

I follow him through Ezzara system all the time.

If you actually believe someone is breaking the EULA, you should report it - so someone from CCP can look into it properly. People here in the forums will not be able to assist.


Thanks for answer.
I have applied for the EULA from the support page.
I think they’il take care of it.

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sounds like a bot maybe? Or the plex themselves are buggy

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He spoke to me as I tried to catch him. I didn’t come across anybody else in the same system who did this. There are always others, but there is no illegal situation or bug.

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