Image Uploading and Optimisation

(Mu'ad Diib) #1

If possible I’m looking for some info on optimising images that are for upload onto this forum.

Is there an optimum width/size/resolution?

(Morrigan Laima) #2

Will look into it when I get home.

(Morrigan Laima) #3

Played with it a bit, on my screen, the images get scaled to around 600-700 pixels wide, but I think the scaling may depend on screen resolution.

(Nora Maldoran) #4

Lets try!
1x 1980px:

2x 1980px:

The answer is yes, resize is set to 690px:

So if you want to optimize your uploaded pictures to the best display/size ratio go with a wdith of 690px.
For the default layout you are safe with that.
I don’t know how that is with the experimental wide one though.


(Morrigan Laima) #5

Thanks. And it looks like the full resolution version is available in a lightbox if you click the image, while a resized jpg is served as you browse the thread, so there really aren’t any bandwidth issues. The larger of the two images you included is 589KB, while a 68KB scaled version gets served as you browse the thread.