Images for ship manufacturing progress

It would be nice to see a few stages of my ship being built as I check on it. Currently, we input the materials and when the time is up, the ship appears in our inventory (kind of a huge anticipation in the beginning and disappointment at the end). The most satisfying part of industry is watching things grow or being built. It would be as simple as adding a still image for each stage (1/4 way complete - only the frame of the ship, halfway complete - frame and engine, 3/4 way complete - frame, engine and wiring). The artwork would be in the background and normal manufacturing data would be in the forefront or bordering the ship image. This would be very rewarding to see when we open the industry tab to check on our job progress.

While I agree that would be quite cool, I doubt it is feasible as it sounds like a ton of work/$$ to actually do for not an awful lot of return. I don’t think that, for the majority of industrialists, particularly the high-end industrialists, they spend much time “checking on” their projects along the way.

Again, it sounds cool, for sure, but considering how many ships there are and how many phases of progress, that’d be a high cost to implement for a minor “oh that’s neat” benefit.

Wouldn’t complain if it happened, though :-). Although many would, ha, claiming there are many greater issues devs should spend time on. And that’s probably a good point…

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I don’t have a screenshot at hand, but there is at least one (storyline) mission where you can see a half-built ship… which you are meant to blow up:

The depiction of the Megathron being assembled is similar to that used in the construction of structures, with the half yet to be completed shown as a translucent mesh. But, short of a visualization of your own assembly lines, you may want to have a close-up look if you run it :wink:

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cool! I think my idea would be easy to implement because it’s not in space. It’s just another window that pops up when you check on your ship construction progress. Will CCP ever get to see my idea and give it a thought? How do I ensure they see this?

You can post it in the Player Features & Ideas subsection of the forums. The Little things / Small QoL suggestions thread would probably be a good place for it.

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Thank you

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