Imperial Horde On Tour

“When two 100kg men step into the sandbox to kick up a 20kg child’s sandcastle… This is what happen now.”

Reason: has too much regions which they control.
Fact: Those regions are basically empty, but now become total empty.


Just FIRE people crying on the forums. They are doing it on Reddit as well.

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Doesn’t even makes sense.
“Basically empty, total empty” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Then it’s sandcastles kicked over but if it’s empty there can’t be any sandcastles O.o

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“The new blue donut was born, this freak of nature’s name is: Imperial Horde. Like two 100 kg men step into the sandbox and kick up a 20 kg child’s sandcastle. Shake your each others’ hands, nice job.”

Who is this imperial horde made up of, or is it just Horde and the imperium

Stop being a pussy. Undock, shoot the enemy and win or lose.

War is fun. Whining in the forum is embarrassing.

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That’s what it is. Silk Almond Milk. Milk of the land!

I think I know some people that can help :wink:

They would also relish the opportunity, and would probably do it for free

Follow the three steps above and you’ll be alright.

WTH is a kg?

Is this that ‘metric system’ witchcraft??

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