Imperial Pharmacy diplomatic change

Hear me, Lord Vaari Valius, jarl of Sosan VII, high father of the Imperial Pharmacy, symbol of unchallenged victory, the world’s most beloved hero, self proclaimed prophet, morninglord, golden mountain, carrier of the Heaven’s light, teacher of pure faith, speaker of unquestioned truth, lion of the universe, vanquisher of all heretics, bane of the witches, the great miner and skilled industrialist, Living Saint of Amarr and the Shield of Miners proclaim following change.

Imperial Pharmacy [IPHAR] is slovly reactivating and has changed status of Khimi Harar alliance to be very friendly! All praise the Godly balance! +++[beep]+++


I stopped listening after “hear me”.

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Space wench

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You could’ve gone on with the accolades, I’m sure there are more.

I thought drugs are source of All Sin to Amarr?

Does friendly amarr implies a sinful one and ready to indulge in New Eden pleasures by any chance?

No no, that’s me. You have to come up with something else for Claudia.

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Not the worst I’ve been called.

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