Imperium Legion - SOVNullSec PVE/PVP Need Pilots


(Dandriel Chelien) #9

Looking for More PVP/PVE pilots to join us in SOV/NULL Sec. Also looking for Active Corps to join the alliance.

(Dandriel Chelien) #10

Come join us in PVP gang fleets, Ratting Ops, Mining Ops. Imperium Legion is needing active pilots wanting to do group activities.

Imperium Divine. is also looking for Active corps to join our ranks.

(Dandriel Chelien) #11

We are still in need of PVP and PVE pilots. Looking for Active Corps as well to join us in SOV/NULL sec.

(Dandriel Chelien) #12

We are still looking for PVE/PVP players. We are growing and looking to add to the Ranks.

Hit me up in game, or send an EVE mail.

(Dandriel Chelien) #13

Fun fight yesterday against some enemies!!! Join us!!! we are close knit and very active. Need Miners, Ratters, PVP’ers in our Corp!!!

If you have an active corp looking for a great new home in Tenerifis, contact me in game for details.

(Dandriel Chelien) #14

Teaching people how not to gate capitals through Null!!!

Join us for a great EVE experience in SOV space. We are long time players with mellow attitudes and enjoy like minded people. We need all types of EVE players; Mining, ratting, PvP, exploration. Be part of something fun and enjoy this game for what it is.

We need Active Corps looking for a place to move. Imperium Divine is bolstering numbers and needs more. Send a mail today!!!

Returning Player LF 0.0 PvE/Indy
Returning Player 32M SP
Returning Player - LF Null home - capital/super toons - RL comes first
120mill sp toon looking for home
40M SP Fairly New to game looking for corp
26 Mil SP returning to eve
90ish Mil SP Vet looking for work in industry
74 mil SP character looking for a new home
Returning Player (114M SP) Looking for Nullsec Corp
32 mill sp toon looking for null/lowsec home
(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #15

We are a great bunch to fly with. If you need help getting your feet wet in null or just want to hang out with a good group of guys hit us up.

(Dandriel Chelien) #16

Another carrier down in Tenerifis!!! Looking for PVP/PVE players and Corps to join us in SOV space. We are located in Tenerifis as part of the MWM coalition. Mail me your info and ill hit you back up.{"A"%3A["99006700\%2F"]%2C"B"%3A[]}/

(Dandriel Chelien) #17

Numbers are growing in our Corp and Alliance. Come be apart of something great. We are laid back group that has stuck around for years. Come join us in Tenerifis. Need All types of players to join us. Need Active CORPS interested in coming to null to Mail me in game.

(Dandriel Chelien) #18

Still looking for Players to join us. Also looking for any Corps looking for a place in Tenerifis to contact me in game.

(Dandriel Chelien) #19

Need Active players to join our ranks. We are looking for US/EU Time zone. Also looking for Active Corps interested in venturing to SOV/Null sec space in Tenerifis, contact me in game.

(Dandriel Chelien) #20

Join us today, we are primarily US TZ, but we have a stable EU as well. We need PVE and PVP players. We have Moon Mining, Buy Back, and plenty of enemies to shoot at.

Convo or mail me in game.

(Dandriel Chelien) #21

We are still looking for more pilots to join us. We are growing steadily, join something great!!!

(Dandriel Chelien) #22

LF more pilots to join us. Many targets to be killed!!!

(Dandriel Chelien) #23

We are looking for PVE and PVP pilots to join us!!!

(Dandriel Chelien) #24

Great content to be had. Roids to Blast, Rats to Kill, and Neuts to shoot. Convo me or mail me in game for info!!!

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #25

Come Join the family

(Dandriel Chelien) #26

Hey guys, we have great opportunities out in Tenerifis!!! Come join us and have a Blast!!!

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #27

This is more of a home away from home. You would love these guys

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #28

recruitment still open boys and gurls