Impersonating corp/structures

I know impersonating someone elses character name is against the EULA, but is impersonating a corp name or structure name also against EULA?

It is something that the GMs seem to disapprove of. My impression is that people are quietly asked to not do it. I don’t think it has been declared an exploit.

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Might you two know the answer to OP’s question? If you don’t, we know you have easier access to CCP than we do :stuck_out_tongue: . We can ping CCP X, Y, and Z all day but they won’t respond to us lowly Omega subbers…


It\s recommended you not do it. Pretty sure GMs will get involved if you do.

You may not impersonate or present yourself to be a representative of CCP or an EVE Online volunteer. You may not impersonate or falsely present yourself to be a representative of another player, group of players, character or NPC entity.


“corp/alliance” falls under “group of players”… but not structure names (which, unlike player/corp/alliance names, can be changed at any time)

Thank you!

You can not impersonate someone else’s structure, it’s against the EULA. If this happens, send a support ticket with as much info as possible, including screen shots. If GM’s feel it is an exploit, said station will be renamed eg. Azbel 1354758692436 and character will be banned.

Can you site the passage in question where it says it is against the rules? Clearly impersonating players, corps, alliances, NPCs, etc is against the rules, but is there something that says structures names themselves cannot be impersonated (however discouraged this might be otherwise)?

Structures are owned by Players/Corps/Alliances, so i would say if you create an impersonating structure, you are also impersonating a player/corp/alliance, so its forbidden.

This is only my personal interpretation.

I can only say my explanation is from personal experience. It would be against the rules to enlighten you with details. By all means impersonate a popular structure and find out for yourself.

what about impersonation of item names? why is 5MN Microwarpdriver II char allowed, and someone with HyperNet something in the name was renamed?

What I think doesn’t really matter and I’ve avoided making any declarative statements, opting instead to quote the EULA as it currently stands.

Judging by precedent I’ve seen, those who’ve been disciplined under the rule, and in my know nothing peanut gallery opinion, it’s not what you name yourself or things, but rather the perception by someone in authority that there is an intent to deceive or a possibility a name can cause confusion/user error that gets a person into trouble. I don’t use the hypernet, and I don’t know the exact names or terms involved, nor do I know the person who made the judgement call to say why the ruling you’re thinking of went the way it did.

I have a character who’s name is of a corporation, I did it as a joke as a way to make myself part of their team…but now I’m stuck with the namesake :unamused:

there is a character out there with the same name as our alliance logistics corp, its kind of a nuisance…

Also , @ the OP. if you are questioning the technical legality of something, its a good sign you shouldn’t do it regardless of the answer you get.

File a ticket about the issue. CCP prioritizes tickets based on the category under which they were filed. Tickets in this category get responded to almost immediately.

Not me but I do wish I hadn’t been in a silly mood that day, now I fly in shame with that toon.

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I remember when TEST and/or pandemic horde started to kill first trade citas in perimeter, they all named it in the same way in order to distract and scam people, and also to steal and claim forever the solid brand name of a player made trade hub, which has become known and popular by that time already.

And you know what? Noone ever did â– â– â– â–  about that. So calling your structure the same name as the other structure - is totally fine. There is nothing in the rules against that. Its fine. Call them the way you want.

If you have a CSM rep then the rules are completely different. Obviously.