Implementation of a feedback system


my proposal is aimed at community (or customer) care, in which the process of suggestion submission for EVE community is optimized.

The initial situation is that many suggestions are made about Eve Online and not only in the forum, but also on Discord or reddit, for example.
A feedback to the suggestions on the part of CCP is extremely rare to practically never. Thus, an inexperienced user / idea giver does not even know whether the suggestion was read by CCP at all. Not to mention a lack of response to the suggestions. This can be unsatisfactory and does not show great appreciation.
A better communication approach on the part of CCP towards the expressed suggestions is desirable.

Therefore, my suggestion is that a tool and/or process be established at the end of which a decision (feedback) on the part of CCP on each suggestion is apparent to the community.
Just the introduction of some kind of “read receipt” on the part of CCP would convey a certain appreciation.
Ideally, the suggestions evaluated by CCP, including CCP’s decision, will be summarized for the community and made clearly accessible.
From the feedback, it should emerge how the chance of implementation in the game stands. The feedback itself could be implemented with quite short keywords/categories. These could be e.g.: “suggestion rejected”, “maybe” or “suggestion will be implemented (possibly slightly changed)”.

Do you want CCP to have the time to develop new (suggested) features?

Or would you rather they spend all that time writing polite responses to each of the hundreds, no, thousands of suggestions, many of which are imbalanced, impractical, impossible, selfish or just generally a bad idea?

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Both. Because the one possibly results from the other.
If I interpret your view correctly, CCP can save the proposal section :slight_smile:

As written, it should not be extensive feedback, because that would take way too much effort. Simple keywords or some kind of tag would suffice.

That some ideas are unbalanced, technically not feasible or have other shortcomings is also clear. The suggestions come from players who do not have enough background knowledge to bring well-founded ideas. I think on the part of CCP, the suggestions are also understood rather as incentives, which are then thought out accordingly.

Have you seen the QoL thread?

A long time ago…

Problem is way too many suggestions for CCP to actually respond in a decent way anyway.

This could be solved by a forum with upvote/downvote on threads and then they respond to say the top ten over a given time period.

Upvote/downvote mechanics are too easily manipulated though, especially in a game where most players have multiple aliases.

Its not much different from expecting them to judge what the player base wants by looking at forum threads with people on ten alts pretending to be individual people.

CSMs are already supposed to provide feedback to devs but it seems most on forums don’t trust them. Fact is I think most players don’t really use the forums so they are likely to ignore most posts anyway. The people who do use forums are likely the ones that don’t feel represented by CSMs creating a selection bias.

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