Where to post suggestions etc so the Devs will actually see it?

Been playing for a while but never used the forums, where do I put a post for suggestions and whatnot?

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Reddit or Craigslist…


Last time CCP Fozzie asked for ideas on twitter.


But it does not hurt to post your idea under player-features and ideas to get some feedback first. Because the very same thing won’t have the same consequences on all play stiles and it is good to hear other points of view too.


Reddit for sure.

If it’s a small suggestion/QOL change then you might have luck with Little things / Small QoL suggestions


It’s actually an extremely complicated process.

  1. join a mega-coalition
  2. work your way up to some sort of directorship
  3. campaign to become your coalition’s CSM rep
  4. use your heretofore learned corruption skills to blackmail a dev
  5. here’s where the path can split… if your blackmailing skills weren’t up to snuff, you might have to arrange a little “accident.” Nobody should get hurt, god no. You just need to demonstrate that someone could get hurt.
  6. congratulations, you’ve arrived. Feel free to run for a 2nd CSM term. It’s how things are done.

There’s an alternate path that involves going to programming school, getting a job with a major studio so you can then hire on as a team lead without so much as a background check, blah blah boring.

These are the only 2 paths. The others are just decoys.

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It actually is fairly small. One minor change to prevent a major source of scamming.

I would recommend Twitter over Reddit, because if the Reddit community doesn’t agree with your suggestion, you will be downvoted and silenced, and then no-one will see it. It’s a major flaw in that site’s design.

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In that case even if they will see it, they will rather do nothing. Scamming is protected by CCP gameplay policy. Same with ganking and spying and awoxing.

The place to post suggestions is
it will get some feedback (positive or negative) from the community and will be seen - if not directly by devs, by the ISDs and CSM members who regularly communicate with the developers and can direct their attention to promising ideas.

You can also communicate directly with a CSM member - but it’s better to filter your idea through the community first. Also make sure you’ve done a search - there are a lot of recurring themes. People have been complaining about scams since day 1 but it’s a legitimate form of player interaction in Eve and most of them are pretty obvious.

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