[Improvement] "Next Post" for Dev and CSM posts

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #1

One neat thing from the old forums was that at the top of a forum post you could click on a tag that would bring you to the first post of a Dev or CSM. The bad thing about that feature was that it would only bring you to the first, and that is what I suggest to implement here differently.

I would love to see support where you can essentially click “next post” for posts by devs and CSM. This will allow me in most cases to skip to pointless trolling and idiotic ideas and opinions that others have, and instead cut straight to the chase. Nothing is worse than a 300-page threadnaut on something like bumping or ganking where all anyone cares about is to hear CCPs stance on it.

Edit: I notice there’s a link to posts by ISD, devs, and CSM but the issue with this is that it’s sorted by time and not able to be filtered by a specific thread or sub-forum. This will become a headache trying to search for a dev post within a specific thread as these forums grow older.

(CCP Avalon) #2

The feature that has taken over this role is described here. It can be applied to any user in any topic.