No "DEV Posts" option for all forums

I start my Eve browsing first by checking the Dev Posts list accessible from a single button on the old forums. This way I see a list of all Dev activity in all threads and can select which ones to read.

This is where CCP is actively feeding back / commenting on current issues of the day and is, for me, the best place to start. I cannot see how to do this with the new forums - is this feature consigned to history?

Further once in a thread I would want the option to click on “Next Dev Post” to track Dev comments through what is sometimes a huge threadnought. I am aware that this hae been raised but would like to add my vote to this feature being reintroduced. (And as other have said - not just to see one Devs comments - as there are often several commenting - but all Dev comments)


Communication apparently can suffer more than in previous forums.

Thanks for the solution.

Not as elegant as a single button but certainly achieves what I want, so fantastic news for me.

Hopefully some movement on the “Next Dev Post” button and I will be happy.



Any chance of adding his request as a feature request? It’s more in line with general expected behaviour, and in my opinion it’s worth to have light shining on dev/customer interaction as part of community building.