"Next Dev Post" button?

(Lil' Brudder Too) #1

On the ‘old’ forums there was the “First Dev Post” which was not quite as useful as it seemed since the first dev post was usually the OP. Anyway we can get a useful version of that button that takes us to the ‘next’ Dev post? Yes apparently you can see all the posts by each particular Dev…but anyway we could get all the dev responses in the thread in one shot?

(Noriko Mai) #2

Hamburger manu (top right) > Groups > Developers > Activity > Posts/Topics

It’s not exactly what you want, just a workaround

(CCP Avalon) #3

This if you want activity for all devs. If you just want to see posts from a dev in a specific thread, click on their portrait in the bar at the bottom of the OP and click the filter button.

(Noriko Mai) #4

This way you may miss posts by other devs in the same topic. In my experience most of the time the are two or three devs per feature feadback or devblog thread.