Important Info for Sonic Studio 3 Users

Greetings Capsuleers!

It has come to our attention that a recent update to Sonic Studio 3 has been causing industry wide crashes with games that use the audio engine Wwise. Because EVE Online leverages Wwise we have also noticed a trend of EVE Online clients crashing at start up which began around July 7th, 2021. After investigating we have determined that these crashes are due to a missing AudioDevProps2.dll that the newest version of Sonic Studio 3 uses.

If you have experienced problems starting the EVE Online client, use Sonic Studio 3 and have recently had an update to it applied on July 7th, 2021 or later then we recommend uninstalling Sonic Studio 3 until this issue has been resolved.


– CCP Zoetrope


oh wow thanks will give this an try…
now come to think about it everything was fine and I remember the sonic 3 update around the crashing of the client.

> ClientCrash …\src\customwebpage.cpp in CustomWebPage::onProcessFinished : Client crashed with exitCode: -1073741819

thought it might be vid drivers- nope
I will let you know

EDIT" after Uninstalling Sonic 3 both of them
everything back to normal, seeing the date and time stamps of the Sonic 3 update
the crashes started after the puter rebooted
Everything is operating at normal parameters again.
Scotty beam up now…
aye captain… the transporter stopped working again…

Support is working?
U give me ban for macro.
I never use macro.
I never use external programs.
But i have ban for be a normal player who want to gain all free sp on 4 accouts from event.
Can u stop sleep and replay to people ?

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