Important Storyline mission in conquered triglavian sector

For the past few days, I have had an important scenario mission which is in the Triglavian sector.
I don’t have the means to go there and survive there I died trying to reach a station in one of its sectors.

It is a level 1 mission and should not be in almost zero sector because in terms of gameplay nothing allows me to go there.
It is also unfortunately limited in time.

I want to make it clear that the mission is in the conquered system, so I cannot find another way to run it and i was contacted by the Agent after the system is invaded.
Of course I can try to pass with a shuttle or even die until I succeed, but it’s expensive to pay for level 1.

I found it important to point this out as it seems to me that it is a gameplay issue. Scenario missions are important to reputation and pve players.

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the invasions are new content and players will have to learn and adapt .
scout the gate , if it’s not camped you will have no problem .
if it is camped you can use a fast-warping frigate to get past .
you can easily get standing with triglav and they will not shoot you . you could then mine the new ores in the invasion system :slight_smile:
or you could train social skills and go direct to level 2 missions for any faction or corp .
fly safe

I’m going to assume by ‘Scenario’ you mean ‘Storyline’.

Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed to have storyline missions (or any other missions) populate into contiguous high-sec systems; they can populate in low-sec systems, and on high-sec islands. This was possible even before the Invasion content, and is simply a part of EVE missions.

Also: storyline mission ‘levels’ aren’t based on the agent level, it is based on the missions you did to trigger the storyline; all storyline agents are level 1, but if you did 16 level 2 missions to trigger the storyline mission, the storyline mission is a level 2 mission.

What to do to solve your problem depends on if the invaded system is a high-sec minor victory, or a Final Liminality (effective null-sec for CONCORD) system. If the former, you can get temporary good standing with Trigs by killing a single EDENCOM ship, making you white (neutral) toward Trigs but you will be red (enemy - kill on sight) to EDENCOM; if you do this, after your mission is over, you need to kill some Trig ships to get back in EDENCOM good graces (and go back to being red to Trigs). If the latter… you’re still going to be at risk on getting inside since the gates into Final Lim systems are often camped by PvP-interested players, but you can still flip your Trig standings to take at least the NPCs out of the equation.

Thank you for your answers.
Yes, forgive me the mistake, I’m talking about Storyline.

I specify that the system is normally a 0.9 (Senda) which is currently in Final Liminality.

What disturbs me about this system is that we talk about low-level missions, which is, by the way, a reputational gameplay.

The fact that it’s in Low-sec doesn’t shock me. In theory, it’s enough to be careful.
But in this case the Trig camp the gate. Moreover, since the status of the sector is now null a lot of players have been in place :yum:.

I consider that from a PVE gameplay point of view and especially as a new player we are facing a nonsense.
Because there is no choice for someone who is not used to the game, we could even discourage him.

Personally I stopped playing the game for 10 years out of curiosity I started again gradually with a new character and I find it strange that an Event/Update ruins a system to accompany players in their development.

Personally, I’m just going to ignore the mission, but I put myself in the place of a person who discovers the game and I find it satisfying to tell him/her to ignore the mission, tries in vain to pass or dies trying :smile:.

I had indeed understood that one could play with relationships, but isn’t that hijacking a system to make up for a problem?

When all you’d have to do is disable the fact that one of his agent missions triggers it in a system at “war”

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This is functionally no different from being given a mission that has the destination point in low sec when in a low-sec adjacent system/constellation. It’s just happening in places that aren’t typically low-sec adjacent now - which isn’t inherently a bad thing. Again, high-sec mission agents are not guaranteed to offer high-sec mission destinations - that is working as intended. I get missions that have destinations in low all the time from mission agents - if I don’t feel like making the jump into low, I pass on the mission.

Ive jsut recently have this problem but it is a career quest that ends in sansha 10/10 military mission really sucks that i cant finish it they should at least let ya cancel and restart the missions to try for another ending location but no when ya cancel it thats it kaput no more with this guy oh well lol figured id say somethign here cant find anywhere else to post it

If you are running missions for any NPC corporation, the storyline agent you are sent to will be the closest one for that corp. Each agent will then have a list of nearby systems they can send you to.

These have not changed as a result of the invasions. If you are offered a mission that takes you into a high risk situation - lowsec or an invasion system - you can decline it. You can also move your base of operations to avoid the problem - the Trigs have a total of 52 systems (25 final liminality, 27 minor victory) out of 1907 systems in empire space (1212 Highsec, 695 lowsec).

They are expected to take at least 2 more final liminality for 27 total (3 cubed) and there are some candidate systems that could be very disruptive (including Jita). Players have some agency - we determine individual outcomes although the total number of final liminalities is likely predetermined and consistency needs to be maintained between Serenity and Tranquility because they share a common database.

New Eden is changing - whether we like it or not. Change always brings new opportunity. You can waste your time complaining or you can look for and take advantage of those opportunities - your choice.

If you’re running a lot of missions, just ignore the Storyline offer from that Agent. That offer will sit in your Journal for 7 days. You can then continue running another 16 regular missions and the next Storyline offer you get will be from the next closest Storyline Agent. That Storyline Agent will probably be located further away from the Invasion system and possibly won’t offer a mission in the Invasion system.

Another option is to complete 15 regular missions for your Agent, then find another regular Agent in the same Corp located near a different Storyline Agent that’s located far away from Invasion systems, complete the 16th mission for that other regular Agent so that the nearby Storyline Agent will then offer you a mission.

You can even make sure that Storyline Agent belongs to the same Corp as the regular Agent by using a 3rd party Eve Online Agent Finder site and cross-reference that Agents location with a 3rd party Eve Online Map app.

It’s a little different. If it’s low sec you get a very clear indication when looking at the mission details. There is no clear warning in the mission details that the system is invaded.

I was referring to the ability for a high sec-based agent to populate missions into other types of space, such as low-sec, or systems suffering from a Sansha incursion, or Trig invasions from Chapter 2. Basically: you are not guaranteed to be offered a ‘safe’ mission route or destination.

Edit to add: that specific response was also directed toward a post explicitly addressing Final Lim systems - which show their reduced security status in the agent mission dialog. So from that perspective, there is, in fact, no functional difference from a mission review standpoint between being offered a naturally low-sec system and a system with a temporary sec status loss.

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