Impraxisal ep1: Between a rock and a Praxis


Hello everybody, and welcome to the first episode of Impraxisal, a screenshot comic in the world of EVE Online. This is in the vein of comics like DM of the Rings and Darths and Droids, although Impraxisal isn’t a campaign comic like those are.

Since you never actually see anybody’s face in EVE Online, the backgrounds will consist purely of beautiful nebulae, space stations, and epic space battles. Character identification is done by a combination of the colours of their speech balloons (which correspond to the Empire faction they are a part of - green Gallente, blue Caldari, red Minmatar, and yellow Amarr), and the font used for them. Unimportant NPCs get a white balloon and a generic font. If you’re having trouble telling who’s who, check the transcript, it includes the character’s names.

Also, since you never see anybody, there will be a lot more “unsound effects”, describing what’s going on. I’ll try to keep these quite brief.

EDIT: please excuse any spelling mistakes. My kitten really likes my keyboard.


CAP: C’mon! Can’t you just give me a new ship?
BROKER: I don’t know, Cap. Considering the debt you’ve already got…
CAP: Well, I can’t pay off that debt without a ship, can I?
BROKER: … fair enough
BROKER: I have a ship I can loan you. It’s relatively cheap, but it’s a bit of a fixer-upper.
CAP: How cheap are we talking?
BROKER: 70 million ISK
CAP: That’s cheap?
BROKER: It is for a 400 million ISK Praxis, all fittings included
CAP: … I don’t really have a choice, do I?
SFX: Key toss
SFX: More debt
BROKER: Hire an engineer


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