So far this new graphic interface is working spectacularly. It’s infinitely better then the last, And at this point I can’t even imagine the EVE forums using anything but this.

  • I’m running Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP2. (Yes, I know. I badly need to update)

  • Using the Firefox browser Version 52.2.0

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I love it too!

I mostly like how I don’t have to wait for page refreshes. About time we left 1995 behind don’t you think


Absolutely awesome idea and hopefully will keep some of the less dignified away. I’m really done dealing with adults who act like children. Yes I like salt and a good romantic movie may even make me shed tears.

Cmon…Titanic? I’M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!

Windows Vista? Jesus!

Yea I know @Cristl but it is what it is. I feel like my hardware wouldn’t support the updates so I’ve kept it un-updated. It does run eve though so that’s saying something.

yeah, you should update to debian or ubutunu, mate. :slight_smile:

man, win7 is lighter than vista… and win10 is light if it wants to.

forget vista. get linux or upgrade.

Two words: Lazy…

Just logged onto the new forums, looks swish!!

ignore them. After all updates Vista is great system. Bad MS marketing gave him bad opinion in most people who don’t know much about IT.