Improving The Foundation - Directx 9 Phase Out

I cobble together “gaming rigs” from parted out computers, and parts that have been upgraded, in order to give to the children of family and friends whose parents can’t afford to buy them a gaming computer. Moreover, I’ve been doing “upgrade chains,” where if someone I know gets a new graphcis card, I’ll put his old one in someone else’s computer, and then put that old card in another computer, and so on and so forth.

Now, it has been a while since I’ve given away a system/card that was only DX9 compatible, but I also live in a relatively rich country. And, as Jaurl pointed out, now is a terrible time to buy even an older graphics card.

Naturally, CCP is in the best position to determine whether or not now is the right time for them as a company to drop support, but that still doesn’t change the fact that this will make things extremely difficult for the DX9 users who cannot justify an upgrade at this time. So, while I won’t argue against CCP’s decision, I do have sympathy for the people who are negatively impacted by this.

The good news is, is that I’ve seen players send computer parts to their friends and corpies in order to help them out before. So, hopefully this trend will continue.


Yeah it sucks for the people affected, thankfully its a minor number and some of those might just be legacy installs that were left on DX9 even though they had a DX10/11 card etc

The GPU shortage is going to hurt a little


I am stuck with a Radeon HD 6850 that doesn’t even support DX12 for the foreseeable future, so while this scares me, I should be alright. Win10 was intolerable on my i7-2600 until I got an SSD and upgraded from 8gb to 24gb of RAM, so this system will chug on a bit longer.

This person’s confusion was already addressed. Why are you still harping on them?

CCP finally roasted the potato.

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Glad your issue is fixed! Just a note: bug reports don’t usually get an individual response unless we need more information. If you need individual assistance, you should open a support ticket. It’s appropriate to open both if necessary.


Except windows users rarely cry over having to get a new os. I sure didn’t.

But there are those who are oblivious to the fact that not all programs age well. Diablo 3 prime example. Still some ppl with a ps3 asking for support when blizzard made it clear before release it would have limited support.

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You’re the only one obsessing over windows 7. This isn’t the topic for that obsession of yours.


“Other gaming platforms” are not relevant when we discuss support for a specific game. CCP has its own metrics on which they could base their decision. They are dropping Dx9 support, when usage dropped way below 1% across their playebase. Not some abstract internet metrics.

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It is the only metrics we have, however, if CCP wish to publish their stats, please do. It would clear up a LOT.

We’ve been asking for their stats for years.

And Steam is not abstract, it’s real and VERY representative of the gamer community with 25m users. Steam is no lightweight.

It’s not just CCP dropping DX9, many companies are dumping it.

No amount of security updates would solve a problem of one brainless body at the keyboard.

Browser is still updated, JFYI, and Steam is not a factor.

My bad, I read her/his char description and could not hold myself.

@Zoiie be fair, most companies do not support Linux directly. We are fine with Wine.

I’ll let you on a secret: Because the new versions are unusable.

A newbie like myself didn’t know that one could already disable directX_9 and get a completely new directX_11 visuals until this post - it’s a totally different experience :+1:

Now it’s time to make a Linux version :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t forget that all bling Macs in few years become obsolete pieces of hardware that could be rescued by a Ubuntu OS

They are telling you that Dx11 is not “being introduced”, as you said earlier, it IS a de facto default graphics engine base for the last seven years of EVE.
So, your statement of potential compatibility issues in transitional period simply not valid. That transitional period is long since over.

I get the use of DX on Windows due to historical baggage in Eve, but deciding to use Metal for Mac native client is bewildering, why not look to use Vulkan and a long term goal of unifying the clients?

Fresh client, fresh start, ideal point to consider Vulkan.

Yes okay I’m wrong. You’re only the third person who’s jumped on my post… I better delete it or I’ll never hear the end of it.

DX11 was released in 2009, I think it’s quite well established.

PS: Fourth.

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Instead I’ll replace it with:

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Happy thanksgiving everyone


I don’t care what platform you use as long as the dead wood platforms are pruned out. W7 is being buried. The sooner the better.

Glad to see DX9 buried. Wish they picked Vulkan for going forward though.