Improving The Foundation - Directx 9 Phase Out

Attitudes like yours have led to upcoming legislation within the EU for the right to repair, providing of parts for self repair, and providing of longer software updates and support.

I gave it as an example why is capable more versions dx better, you did not read it?

Hi All,

I have tried to remedy this issue on my laptop but it appears as though the issue is not mine.
I am already running Windows 10 with DirectX 12 installed, but the game system says I am only running DirectX 9.
Having tried to resolve this multiple time by turning the Direct X 9 switch both on and off after opening the game and it keeps reverting to the standard DirectX 9 and warning me as such, is this a glitch, or does CCP have to re-write the software so it only uses DirectX 10 as its base and discarding 9 from past history?
Thoughts welcome

Should be able to deselect the DirectX 9 option in the Launcher settings before selecting an account to log in with.

I can say I am irritated at this change. Unfortunately, I am part of the 1% that cannot play without DX9. I started my game up when the change went live (not realizing it defaulted to having it off) and I had a solid 2 FPS on my game. Granted with it on its only at 20, but I play games for the game, and not the graphics. After 2 hours of trial and error, I figured out this was the issue.

My PC is not even that old, which leads me to believe that more people will be like myself, unable to play this game after January.

Time to whip out the Nintendo 64 and Gameboy Color. Why not play some Metroid and Earthworm Jim? Or something. FFS.

No, you can not ‘has my stuff’

windows 7 is not supported. it doesnt matter if a game is written for an OS when that hardware is not supported for the OS and neither is the OS supported

  1. The media a game comes on is not important. Maybe it doesnt work on games old enough to be shipped on a DVD, but thats a different issue. also seriously doubt that it won’t work for mid-2000s games without compatibility mode install.

  2. you can’t claim to care about spyware when running windows 7 that is undoubtedly an infested cesspool of malware at this point.

  3. not really, you just do it

No. Obsolete and garbage software has nothing to do with right to repair. go ahead and repair the hardware all you want, wont change the fact that your computer is an ancient mess that is incapable of running anything well.

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If you don’t care about the graphics, turn them all down. I doubt that your computer is at all recent. Eve will run on almost CPU only just fine at low framerate with the settings turned down enough

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The graphics are as low as they can be, with all extras being disabled like asteroid environments, trails, etc. This new update pushes the minimum far too high for my PC.

what is your present interval set to? should be the setting that is NOT immediate or zero

  1. For me, this is important because a lot of games on DVD already own and I will not want buy them again due to w10 through some problematic online services.

  2. The fact that the OS is old does not sure that it contains MW. But you do have spyware from MS in W10 for sure. Security from MS is just as insufficient even when it is up to date (possibly because it is the same on all installations). This work is done much better by the AV software of another publisher specializing in protection, which is updated on the older W as well. In addition, MW, if it gets into a PC and works properly - which is not certain, serves mostly one person who may have the data or control obtained, nor is it usually able to use it. While the data obtained by spyware in W10 serves a huge corporation that sells it to others. Why do you think the prices of the W license dropped so quickly after the launch of the W10? At one time, I guess the upgrade to W10 was offered for free.

  3. Something like this has already happened - about 2 years ago I bought a PC from someone (other than this one that is not used for playing games) was W10 on it. He wasn’t even able to detect the DVDRW drive (as if it wasn’t there at all) and the PS2 peripherals, only USB worked. I managed to put one ps2 into operation by modifying the registry settings, but the remaining 2 do not - I really don’t care about such problems. At the same time, none of these problems appeared in Linux or W8 (which is now there).

Feel free to use W10 if you don’t mind that you are limited to new or updated applications and peripherals and that MS can monitor everything you do, write or save on your PC, or record sound without you knowing about it. I won’t force anything on you, but I won’t use it. That’s all from me because this is offtopic here…

  1. Get over it. there are countless games that have been left behind due to obsolescence and there is no justification for anyone to continue to steal dev time from the people who pay into the game, just because they dont want to let go.

  2. Windows 7 lacks basic protections that are required to prevent and detect malware protections. AV cannot do that on its own regardless of how well updated it is. How do you think AV works? Magic? AV REQUIRES the operating system to participate to allow it to detect or prevent malware. The notion that malware serves only one person is beyond absurd, but also irrelevant, then you follow with several fallacies.

  3. I dont know why anyone would expect any device to work without drivers regardless of whether the OS was linux, windows 8, windows 10, etc. and seriously, ps2 devices? 20 year old mouse and keyboards?

And no limit any more than any other version of windows. your suggestion that windows 10 should be able to run all old garbage is as absurd as suggesting that windows 7 should have been able to run all applications written for ME. You could also, you know, leave settings that are off by default, turned off and finish configuring your computer. your suggestion that the cesspool of security problems with Windows 7 (even when it was still supported) doesn’t expose more data than win10 telemetry does in trash editions is ridiculous

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Sorry mate. Mine is set to “Interval One” its one of two options i have, that one, or “Immediate”

That’s correct setting for most cases.

With the phasing out of DX9 for DX11 in '22, will DX12, which I have on my Lenovo, come into conflict with the upgrade to DX11?

shouldn’t matter as most PC’s that are coming out are either Dx11 or 12… should be business as usual

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I have updated dx9 to dx12 a month ago. dxdiag confirms DirectX version: DirectX 12. (Windows 10)
But the launcher always gives the message that I am still using dx9.
Also I have no x to use dx9 in the launcher setting.
The game runs very slow.
Please help.

Open the Launcher and click the little gear icon in the top right corner of the Launcher, click ‘Game Client’ and de-select / uncheck the option ‘Run game clients with DX9’.

That I did already, it does not work.