Improving The Foundation - Directx 9 Phase Out

Intel hd 3000 worked till september or october i dont remeber. My notebook couldnt run eve any more, but had nothing to do with directx. Now i got a new one so back to eve after some months

double checked - we are both half right. HD Graphics 3000 supports DirectX 11, but only in directx 10.1 feature level. idk why they would have written a driver for that but wondering if it was a compatibility thing for certain versions of windows

probably a compatibility thing. I have a pre-GCN AMD video card with a sort of ‘fake’ support for DX12 in that it’ll run Windows 10, but if you tried to play any game that forced DX12 it would slow to 0 FPS.

You can make an operating system where you can only use eve online…



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That would be Linux or BSD based then. Most likely Linux.

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I hope DX11 will be supported for 10 more years. Cause, imho, 12 is less stable compared to both 11 and 9.

your stability assessment doesn’t mean anything. 11 I doubt will last that long just for how much better 12 is

Linux devs can’t figure out how to write DirectX APIs

Why should we? We have Vulkan now.

because vulkan is inferior, buggy, slow and an absolute mess of random features that heavily overlap doing almost the same thing, some better in some cases, some worse in other cases. Nothing has changed since OpenGL other than the name.

And your solution is to be chained to Microsoft’s proprietary API? That usually won’t end well. Good luck on licensing.

Vulkan came out of AMD, not SGI.

The solution is to use an API that works, is free to use and develop for in an operating system.

Suggesting that vulkan is acceptably functional enough to be worth the inconvenience of being forced to correctly implement a graphics API for it to be worth it over DirectX is absurd.

Looks functional to me

Lots of comparisson videos out there.

You remind me of Balmer always spouting rubbish just out of spite of competition and alternatives. Haters gotta hate.

It is not controversial that vulkan is buggy, slow and more primitive than DX12. There is an easy solution for this: The devs can do better. But they haven’t so far.

My legacy box runs windows 10 64 bit, my CPU is an i7 4th gen, 16gb ram DDR3, and a NVIDIA 730 ti 4gb

Will I be able to make the transition to directX 11???

Doing the research looks like that card supports dx11

Thanks, looked but I have mediocre computer knowledge.

What’s with that “cult following” of dx12?

Do you consider it better because it relies less on drivers and gives more “straight access to gpu” to developers?

Though agree that OpenGL was more… “researched” in comparison to Vulkan.

All is good as long as you don’t want to play EverQuest II which is stuck on DirectX 9.0c. Some games progress, some not so well. I’m glad there is continual development for Eve Online.

All is great for the medium term until the (already) announced date when Microsoft ends update support for Windows 10. My ASUS motherboard never had a TPMv2 module so no Windows 11. Still wonder if a VM environment can fool Windows 11 with a virtual TPMv2 module.

its by far the best graphics API out there, it is objectively better in every single way from performance, to feature set, to stability, to development. Its biggest problem is that correctly implementing standards is hard, open source developers don’t want to do it and there is limited support for it implemented outside of windows