In Game NES Store not delivering purchased items

Purchased Plex via Market buy order, received plex over a number of hours while account was logged off.

Today I had logged in and saw that the buy order was complete so I opened the NES Store to purchase 10 x Skill Extractors and the Store showed completed purchase removing the plex from my account but items not received.

Thank you.

Same problem. I just bought 2 SKINs and neither was delivered to my redeeming queue. Items missing. Relogging doesn’t fix this. Neither do the items show up on another character on the same account.

Going to have to submit a ticket. because I didn’t really want the second SKIN, just wanted to check if it would show up on the second attempt.

Same here. I purchased 30 Skill Extractors from NES about 20 minutes ago, PLEX was taken, items never appeared in Redeemable Items list.
Relogged, still nothing there…

I tried that too, I have 3x Omega on this account and tried the 2nd main who I need to extract some skill.
I did just submit a ticket and screenshot showing my transaction log and will update on this thread,

Decided to open this thread on the subject due to someone else in local said the same and guess people can comment below.

I submitted a ticket too. Hopefully they react quickly.

Everyone try reloging, and re start launcher. I just did that and items received.

Items showed up now, after I did nothing. I was just sitting in Perimeter in the tower. This is some sort of minutes-long delay. Because all the sound queues that you get for items purchase at NES also appeared.

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I will leave this thread as is so others can read if they are stuck waiting also.

Thank you CCP for the backend support.

Not sure if something was done or it just “took some time”, but I finally got my items in Redeem Items list, so everything seems fine now.
You should check your redeemable items window again too, guys!

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Yes it looks like the NES store is working smoothly again, like I mentioned I kept this thread active so others can see if they too found an issue.
I might request to close this thread within the hour.

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