In game rewards for participating on the forum

CCP could pivot into social media instead of first person shooters. First person shooter market is over saturated and the social media market is not. It is not clear to me that X is winning. Or any of the other social media like Nostr.

So there is an opportunity here for CCP considering they already have a base of people that could jump start the platform given the right incentives and what not.

CCP is already half way there. This forum seems to work nice. It has the functionality you want and is easy to use and what not.

The major issue is that the first comment in a thread gets most of the attention. This can be abused by camping the forum, it makes the campers point of view seem like the norm so to speak or people will just get tired of the campers and stop coming to the forum.

So with a modification so that the more popular/liked takes are shown first in a thread, and some indentation for replies that allow anyone to challenge the take then this forum has a big potential for something it seems.

About the in-game rewards for participating on the forum, that’s how you will grow it at first. And hopefully the Out of Pod category will become more and more active, which will attract users from across the internet, which in turn will make some of them check out the game that CCP also offers. It would probably be neccesary with more specific categories than “Out of Pod” the more users arrive and figuring out the right ones are easier said than done.

Just to sum up, social media landscape is disrupted, CCP has an oppertunity here. With a few adaptiations of the forum + in-game rewards for participating, CCP can compete with social media companies for everyone’s benefit as far as i can see? Have a nice day

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