[In Testing] Direct Enlistment live on Singularity

Today we’ve moved our Direct Enlistment feature over to Singularity - this will allow players to ally themselves with one of the four main Empires and participate in Factional Warfare without leaving their corporation or alliances. You can find this option by going to the Factional Warfare office for the empire of your choosing and selecting “Enlist Me”.

Those with director access will also be able to select which Empires their corporation members can enlist with, to reduce any diplomatic incidents.

We’d love to get your feedback on this feature, and thoughts for future iterations of Direct Enlistment.


Hello everyone!

As Singularity is for testing and feedback, there are a few known bugs that we’re still working out in the current Singularity version.

Known Issues

  • [Fixed] Players in factions other than the controlling faction, who are not at war with that faction, are incorrectly receiving notifications that they are unable to dock in FW stations
  • [Fixed] Some players are not being correctly flagged suspect on entering an FW complex
  • Players are currently not able to un-enlist from a faction they have directly enlisted with
  • [Fixed] Players who have directly enlisted with a faction are being incorrectly attacked by “friendly” NPCs in activities such as FW battlefield sites

If you come across any other bugs or misbehaving game entities please use the bug-report tool in-game via the F-12 menu to report the issue!



If possible can we have all 3 other factions at war with gallente instead of only Caldari, having Amarr and Mini neutral is weird.

An interesting option that someone pointed out to me would be Caldari and Minmatar forming a FW alliance so that nullgroup’s who want more than 1 fw option on their checkbox but not have their guys shoot each other. And then have Amarr and Gallente as individual FW group’s who are at war with the other 3 for players who prefer more targets and less alliance. This would satisfy both groups of players.

At the same time this would satisfy standing problem’s for big alliances as those who have bad caldari standings will more than likely have good mini standings and visa versa. The smaller group’s are usually more organised and are able to fix all their standings themselves

Edit: It seems you guys are already way ahead of me haha well played CCP well played.

Hopefully Gal get’s to fight all 3 so that there is that option for people that only want enemies.

Please allow FW member’s to gain ship kill lp from fighting more than just their opposite faction. (including neutrals.)

Please either allow all capsuleer’s the ability to tick up the timer on a plex that is not their own faction to encourage pvp, (even pirates/neutrals) or have the timer tick slowly to the balance point when no one is inside the plex.

Please add a system wide debuff for fw zones to either:
Reduce cyno jump range (everything except Jump freighters) inside FW space to 1/3rd
Reduce incoming RR from capitals by 90% to stop Fax from causing fight stagnation.


Hi, me and a couple friends are in gallente fw currently living out of Amamake since the Cal/Gal WZ has died and also becuase snuff who limit viable ship types to fast mobile ships only (battle ships are completely out of the question) with their ability to cyno accross the entire gal/cal warzone.

We fight both Minmil and Amarr and apon opening Sisi we found that we cannot even undock from Amamake anymore, if we where at war with Min mil then this would be ok as we could just move to Egghelende 2 jumps away which is 1 jump from Gallente space, but not only do we have to move but we also cannot run any plex’s anymore in the min/amarr warzone as both sides are neutral.

We have found that only by being in militia and being able to contest a plex are we able to force a fight out of who ever is inside running it. As a neutral they have no reason to fight you, you are not their enemy and you have no power to undo their plex progress. Which lead’s to avoidance and farming instead of PvP.

Please rather Have Gallente as a Stand Alone FW group that is at war with Caldari, Minimatar and Amarr.

A system wide buff reducing cyno/jump range on anything other than jump freightor’s moving through fw space to maybe 1/3rd would be a huge bonus imo. Especially with nullblock’s now being able to join in on fw, it would servility increase the ship viability of bigger ships and it would make engaging bigger group’s with cap access viable instead of being forced to ignore them because you know they have cyno’s.

We tried multiple times to fight snuff but in a 10v10 they would cyno in fax every single time and then it becomes an imposible and boring fight where you need 10x greater number’s than the space encourages to even fight against it, fax has no place in fw space, and it is un-counterable without the ability to launch void bomb’s and e-war does nothing to it with its crazy high resistance, there is no counter play other than out dps it which is not viable.

Alternatively a system wide remote repair debuff could work too for faction warfare space:.
-90% RR from Capital’s.

This will force power house alliance’s with cap dominance to not be able to rely on dropping a fax as an I win button.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the wall of text wish I could just put a lil symbol that beams it straight into your brain and wastes no time lol.


You want some feedback … i ll give you some

This is one of the worst feature ever done in your game.
With this feature you can have, by only enrolling pvp ships and pilots from a corporation, build a 100% secure supply chain, ammo production, hauling, etc (thus already doable with neutral alt) … bye bye guerilla warfare and harassment tactics. It is almost the last step before pvp filter and full safe mode … welcome in wow in space

From a rp point of vue, it’s nonsense … how a corporation could be partialy at war with a faction … it’s indefensible

And the worst … with that, it will be a nightmare to manage and sort standings with others corps in faction warfare since it becomes a player “choice”

I agree it is a problem for pilots in a corp enrolled in fw if they are not doing pvp. They can no longer mine, trade, haul has before , they are punished for others.
With your solution their are safe, they can keep playing

One the other hand, any corporation or alliance with pilots in fw should be war dec for free from others corporation in opposite fw. Otherwise, alliances or large corporation will abuse the mechanism … “i want to farm faction dread bpcs … but i do not want to see my hauler and miner killed” … What a joke!!!

I really wonder where the idea came from, and who suggested it to you.

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Normal FW corps have alt corps (not in fw) already that handle logistic’s/mining how is this different?
It’s just you can put them all in the same corp now instead of making 2.

Also just because someone is neutral doesn’t make it safe for them you can still kill neutral’s on gates and stuff.
It is still low sec after all.

Corp’s have the option to set which fw factions they allow their players to join and there is 4 tick box’s one for each. It’s player choice but it can be funneled by the corp which choices the players have.
If you want the corp can make it only Caldari Militia, then the player’s choice is join caldari militia or dont join any fw.

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Just remove faction standing penalties for regular FW participation. Problem solved. Finally standing issues are only a question whether you can use your main, or need an alt. And we do want people to use their mains, don’t we?

And before you claim … but choices … consequences, yeah, they have no real meaning in a game of alts. Just a matter how deep are your pockets.


currently I’m unable to direct enlist on an alt into Amarr due to having standings of -1.51 however these standings are effectively at +1.84 due to the diplomacy skill is it intended behaviour that this skill is ignored for joining?

Must be 0.00 unmodified. So your base standings without skills applied must be at 0.00.

which does not match current behaviour for joining millita

That is how the current mechanic works yes. Without your skills you should be at 0.00 or above to enlist in FW.

The only two mechanics that use base standing and not effective is FW and trading

So your -1.51 needs to be above 0.00.

What you can do, is type


Into chat and you can make your standings +10

CCP: Please look at including some viable way to fix Faction Standings. This has been an issue since Faction Warfare started years ago. Still do not have a solution to this problem. Cosmos Missions, Data Centers and SOE Epic Arc are not enough. Once you have exhausted the Cosmos and Data Centers. Which are only good for a 1 time mission. Then you have SOE Epic Arc which is on a 90 day cooldown.

Consequences are fine but provide a viable way to fix standings. 90 days for a 0.7 change to 1 Faction is not enough.

There are tags to fix Sec Status. Why not Tags or Missions to repair / increase Faction Standings with out damaging the opposite factions standings. Why not add an extractor to the New Eden Store that pulls positive Faction standings from a Character. And sell those standings to other characters. Win Win, CCP makes money and players can fix standings with some coin or plex.

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United standings improvement agency on Tranquility provide services raising faction standings
You also have the option of doing the actual epic arcs for each faction as well,
and the other option is to do missions/storyline missions which net you some faction standings.

another option, if you have a second omega account, roll 3 new toons doing the SOE arc and fleet up with who needs standings with each char, rince and repeat with new characters each time.
faction standings are meant to be hard to gained. Thats why the only way to share them is via epic arcs.

On SiSi the test server you can fix your own standings using the /booststandings command in local chat

I’m confused about how this works with corps that are enlisted in FW.

In the past if a corp was enlisted in FW and you joined, you are automatically enlisted into FW as an individual.

Now I have heard conflicting stories from players that if you join a corp that is enlisted in FW, that you are either
A) not enlisted in FW until you direct enlist, or
B) you are directly enlisted as an individual automatically upon joining.

Can anyone confirm?

My goal is to have my corp set up so that members can join (without being enlisted right away) and then enlist when they are ready. Does that mean I need to retire my corporation? Does that mean that I will be locked out of FW for a couple days while I wait for timers so that I, as an individual, can re-enlist directly to my faction of choice?

Joining FW via the currently existing pathways (joining a militia corp) would come under Group Enlistment.

So yea it looks as though the existing method still works that if you join a corp thats enlisted, they are automatically enlisted

D.E. was only allowing folks to enlist without having to leave their current corp.

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is there any way to bring my FW alt corp into my main alliance?

should be able to join alliance just like any other corp.

It sounds like you would like to have a corporation where FW enlistment is optional, but you’d like everyone in corp to be able to directly enlist with only one faction. For that, you would want to have your corporation outside of FW and then have a director select the single Empire you would allow enlistment with.

With this structure, members joining would still need personal standings with the Empire you would be encouraging them to join.

Thanks i got it sorted out. I was able to reenlist immediately after retiring the corp, so there was 0 downtime for fw for my character. Thats what i was wondering about.

Direct enlsisting from an npc corp forces you to join the FW npc corp. Is there any real reason for this?

Probably because your going from an npc corp to another.