FW update on sisi needs adjusting

I’m not sure if you guys are finished updating the new allegiance system on Sisi but the other 2 factions being neutral is worse, please just make all 4 at war with each other.

For example: Current on sisi
If you pick Gallente, caldari is red but amarr and min is neutral, you now are restricted from docking in mini space and you cannot attack amarr freely on gates nor can you run any plex’s on the other warzone, its literally worse than before.

If you are not in FW they do not take the fight when you slide as they know you cannot undo their plex progress. Please just make all 4 at war, so that you can attack everyone else in fw freely and be able to run plex’s in any area.

Even if you do not allow gallente to turn a mini or amarr system to gallente at least let it count as being attacked so that it switches to the opposite of what it currently is so you have the ability to disrupt and force the other fw to come and stop you from flipping their system.
Which in turn leads to pvp.


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You should have posted that here:

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