Inability to log in

Hi, I see other people also have difficulty in logging in, and I writing this to let you all know that when I tried to log in I got this:

Login failed. Possible reasons can be:
Invalid username / password

My account is new, so I used the one and only password I have used so far in EVE, yet it still didn’t work. Could anybody help me please?

If your account was created after the last mirror then it won’t exist on the test server.


When will the next mirror be?

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There is no set time so just create a new post and ask.

I have the same issue my char is over nine years old it does not work with 2 of my other chars being around the same age

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I was able to log in last night with no problems and played a little while. All of sudden while in combat at Combat Area 1 in M-OEE8, while flying the new EDENCOM cruiser, I was disconnected, I have not been able to log in since. My best guess is the ship I am flying doesn’t load on the login screen and it also keeps the rest of my characters from showing.

Same issue with the log in, from what I have read over the years none of us will be able to log in until the next mirror. Which brings me to a request, CCP should at least mirror the users login more often than having to wait weeks or months for full mirror. It is a little work, but I think something paying customers should at least have access too. If you just did it for Omega so be it, and if Alpha you have to wait for full mirror it is what it is. But how it is today, everyone has to wait paying or not. Cheers,

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