Inactive Account SP "Gifting" Legality and CCP Support

I have a friend who has moved on from EVE offer me their their account for SP extraction.

Is there any way I can legally do this without them downloading/installing the client and having them do the extraction and then contracting me the injectors?

CCP has no way to verify that your friend is giving you SP for free, or for real money transaction (RMT). They can see the injectors being transferred in-game, but have no access to bank accounts, third party websites, or your facebook / social media / whatever (to verify if your friend is a friend and not a seller).

IMO everything gets flagged as RMT.

My advice is let the account go (inactive) with your friend.

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I would agree with this. The account/character is not being traded and you’re friend can always come back and start playing with the same character you extracted the SP’s from, even if he will have no SP’s then. I can’t imagine a transaction like this being flagged as illegal? Skillpoints are extracted and traded every day. This one shouldn’t stand out above the rest

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To avoid all issues, the friend should install EVE again on their machine / IP address, and run the extractors. Installation is a little easier since installer changes toward a “streaming / file on demand” method. You can contract extractors, and they can be used in the Alpha account status.

Only CCP can answer authoritatively on matters involving the EULA. You could file a Support Ticket and describe your scenario.

Alternately you could have him transfer characters to an account you own, through account management. Costs $$ but is completely legit.

Kinda defeats the purpose of being gifted the accounts though :disappointed:

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simply have your friend contact ccp telling them he or she is tired of the game and is quiting permanently and giving you their characters SP. do not forget to tell them to request any security handshake protocols they have in place to confirm that it is their account. This will confirm they are the active owner then you can do the SP transfer after with out a problem.

Having them log in through their own computer would probably be faster due to ticket response time but if you’re in no rush and want to be 100% sure you’re okay then go with what i said previously.

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I think the only legal way is he extracts the SP himself and contracts/trades the injectors to you.

If you access his account with his login/password, that’s account sharing. (illegal, except in specific circumstances like relatives accessing account of a deceased EVE player after contacting CCP.)

It also raises questions of RMT and/or account hacking.

The fact account transfer is a paid service, indicates strongly that anykind of other account transfer is considered RMT/illegal.

IMO extracting the skillpoints isn’t what’s going to get flagged. People extract points all the time.

What’s going to get flagged is contracting them to a character on a non-related account for 0 ISK (or whichever way you transfer it for 0 ISK).

People trade skillpoints all the time, people never give skillpoints away. There was a thread on Reddit a while back discussing how to transfer ISK or assets without getting flagged, and you can go find it, but you’re trying to get away with something that they’ll interpret as RMT.

So then they ban you like cops shooting preemptively, and good luck with the petition to get un-banned after that.

How many skillpoints is it (after the diminishing returns)? Is it really worth it?

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The easiest way to do this without spending real world cash would be for you or your friend to buy 500 PLEX from the market in game.

From there, add 30 days of omega time to the account with the donor character on it using the PLEX, extract all the skills, and trade/contract them to the character that should be receiving them.

SP gifting is actually an interesting idea though… hmmm…


Does the donor character need to be Omega in order to extract SP? My understanding is the donor can login as an Alpha and extract to the 5 million SP limit. I would expect the main expense associated with the transfer would be extractors. At that point they can station trade or contract the injectors.

I’m not sure this would trigger an alarm for team security. To be on the safe side the donor could submit a ticket notifying CCP of their intention.

so would be LP gifting :wink:

First rule of RMT.

This would require him having access to the now gone other players account details, and entering them, unless the other player does it themself.

Otherwise, the account could have been RMTd, or hacked.
Account sharing is against TOS/EULA, iirc.

Per OP, this is ANOTHER PLAYER’S account he wants the SP from.

He isnt trading SP fbetween his own characters, or accounts, but off another player’s.

I dont see any way of doing this legally, without doing the above, or the player transferring their account to you via CCPs cash service.

I think the cash paid account transfer can be done without either player being requiring to have the game client be installed on their PC. Its handled through the Account Management options of both individual players.

You do know Falcon is saying for the owner of the account in question to do it, not the friend who wants the skillpoints.

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