[incoming] shield hardeners tiericide

Seems nobody talked about it, so : https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/fo996p/sisi_shield_hardener_tiericide/

general buff of the hardeners.

invuls :
(T2, meta) are given 2.5 ppc of resist(meta=29, T2=32.5).
domination and posse are given T2 resist value.
enduring has increase cycle and reduced activation.

fields :
meta resist set to 52.5(+2.5ppc).
domination is given T2 resists(55%) and reduced CPU,
CN and GCT resists becomes 56.25
enduring is INCREASED CYCLE as well as reduced consumption(consumption becomes 1.07 GJ/s), guristas is better enduring with also REDUCED HEAT(total -32% heat !!).

The only “nerf” is the increase in CPU for enduring and guristas fields (but definitely worth it)

The T2 invul resist increase results in an increase of EHP and rep by 3.7%.


What’s ppc stand for?

I figure it’s resist %, but just wondering what ppc is.

percentage point change.

30%-> 32.5% is +2.5 ppc, or +8.3% resist.

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