Increase availability of basic and supplemental shield amplifiers

in the past basic and supplemental shield amplifiers were great for frigates and destroyers because of their low cpu requirements
im not sure what happened maybe tiericide or something else
but now they are too expensive to use on frigates and destroyers
like a basic em ward amplifier costs 48m isk right now
most of the basic and supplemental amps are expensive and there are only 1 or 2 available in jita
so my suggestion is to increase their availability to saturate the market better
so they can be viable for smaller ships again

I’m not 100% sure but I think these no longer drop at all.

I don’t know if it was tiercide or even before that. Something about the use level being so low that they were just taking up database space.

So the ones remaining are collectors items, which explains the silly prices.

well that sucks because i used to use them on a lot of fits


Did someone buy them all and killed the market?

not recently its been that way for a long time now maybe a year or more

Not good! I haven’t done any missions lately because I am on SiSi all the time but this is terrible news. I need them. Just like you, I have them on some of my fits too and according to the patch notes, they didn’t change anything or didn’t tell.

The didn’t tell part concerns me.

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IF things happened the way I remember then they did say they were cleaning things up, its just that its a long time ago and the stock piles people had have now gone.

i remember them saying something about it as well

If I have this correct, basic no longer drop. Supplemental drop very rarely from epic arc missions. They count as storyline mods, but as they are drops not rewards they don’t get the tag.

Pretty messy.

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yes it seems a bit pointless to me

this is not a recent change , basics stopped dropping many years ago . basic , or tech level zero , used to have meta variants , and were among the first modules done over in tiericide .
they’ve been expensive for a very long time , perhaps you just now noticed them . check the price history , that 48 million is nothing new … but if you’ve got a fit that absolutely must have a zero grid item , peel the band-aid and pay up . at least it will leave a nice kill mail … :wink: good luck .

i know its not new i noticed it a long time ago as i mentioned earlier but i only decided to make a thread about it now because i think theyre imprtant modules for small ships with limited fittings especially for new players with bad fitting skills

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