'Basic' Storyline items?

Picked up Eve again after a brief 14 year hiatus; I initially rolled a new alt just to feel things out with but now I’m dusting off an old toon and starting the long process of getting him up to speed (Ironically he’s even worse than a fresh character, they didn’t start you with much in the way of skills way back when!).

So, coming fresh out of the icebox I had a bunch of thoroughly random stuff sitting around; Among the detritus were some fittings (Mag Field Stabilizer, Inertials, Shield Flux Coils) that are called “‘Basic’ Magnetic Field Stabilizer” etc., and tagged as “Storyline” items. They sell for a decent amount (couple million a piece in Jita), as they seem to have more efficient, albeit lower, stats than what’s generally available.

What’s the story with these? With the ravages of time I haven’t the foggiest where I got them; Are they something that’s still available, or are they legacy items from before some rebalance I missed out on? Can you still get/make them? There don’t seem to be too many on the market.

I’d love to hear anyone’s insights, if they are just drops from some mission I’ll probably sell them (inflation has not been kind to my ISK wallet), but if they are a legacy thing I may keep them around for sentimental value; Maybe slap them on my old Tristan and tool around Yulai on Sundays with it like a classic car :grin:

Keep everything until you figure out what is legacy stuff. Some of the stuff you might have has not even been available at all for well over a decade.

Also, yulai is just another regular system now. The major hisec trade hub has been jita 4-4 for a long time.

Blueprint copies for storyline items are rewards for Cosmos missions and a few of the modules are handed out in Epic Arc missions. The “Basic” modules offer reduced fitting requirements at the cost of reduced functionality.

Basic variants of items where ment to be fitted to noob ships. Since the tutorial will just hand out frigs and destroyers basic items became redundant. With the introduction of meta levels (needed for Invention) those basic items where made storyline items. If you intend to stay for years you may want to wait with selling them.

Thanks all! I guess I’ll hang on to them for now :slight_smile:

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