Increase Small gang pvp in low sec (Off-Grid Links Comeback?)

I unsubscribed from EVE Online right after they removed off-grid links. I remember spending the better part of a year training an separate character to specifically fly an off-grid linking ship. That ship and pilot were critical in the ability to fight off larger gangs. I was primarily part of a low-sec group who would consistently take on larger fleets because there was a chance with the links and some skillful flying that we could outfight and outplay the larger groups in our area.

With Off-grid links removed, that chance disappeared. Trying to manage a on-grid command destroyer in the middle of combat (against a larger fleet) with reduced link potency was ridiculous and my alliance of 25 active players soon realized that low sec had become a pure numbers game.

I guess I am just trying to see if there is any interest in bringing back off-grid links. I think it would increase small gang pvp and bring more players back to low sec.

Just a small disclosure, I haven’t been active for a couple years and I am reading patch notes to try and catch up. Still trying to decide if it is worth resubbing accounts…

Thanks guys and gals!

Jesus christ i hope not.

One of the best changes for small gang was nuking OGB.



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Uhh I didn’t write that in my post? I also don’t remember writing that, can you link the source?

Edit: Ah, you are just paraphrasing what you think I meant and then answering that, got it.

Insert here.

Zero chance of that happening.

No thank you.

While they are at it they should bring back remote doomsday titans.

Vaporizing all non capital ships on grid with a push of a button will surely bring back small scale pvp… right?

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