Small gangs with ECM

Just curious, is there anything I can do when caught by a gang who is spamming ECM?

Yea I know there’s probably a ton of ppl who want to say “dont get caught” or “pick your battles”, thats not what I’m asking though. Since I cant outrun them, and I cant target anything, do I really have no other option than to just sit and wait for them to slowly kill me?

Correct. The small gang was fitting a doctrine optimized to annihilate you, and you wandered into it unprepared!

While many people paint EvE as a game that encourages sociopaths, it actually intensely rewards collectives exploiting disorganized isolated opponents. You need people to cooperate with, as well as people to exploit. ECM is dramatically less strong in gang fights when multiple teammates are able to fight back alongside you to kill the ECM.

You can try stuff like flying a heavily stabbed ship but no matter what you are super heavily disadvantaged here. The real solution is to never be in this situation.

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Hehe yeah I figured out that much, your solution I mean! I guess my way of playing eve, solo roaming through LS looking for a few good fights before I die a fiery death, just isnt going to work out. I dont mind being blobbed, and I’m not looking for a fair fight, I just want to be able to fight back. Not just die without even being able to target my enemies… Thats kinda boring imo. Hmmm I guess I’ll just have to reconsider it all. Thanks for your reply Zimmyzam!

Solo play works fine, and can be fun as all hell and having experience and killmails as a solo player is seen as a good quality. It just has definite limitations. You just can’t outfight some setups. If you want to do well solo a good tactic is to personally scout out locations you want to do combat in before flying around in a combat ship.

Sometimes a small gang with EWAR will easily lock you down and beat you to death, but many times you will creep up and find they don’t have ECM or are alone and you can pop em easily.

Basically fighting harder isn’t as good as fighting smarter, and while an extremely potent way to fight smarter is to work together, you can try to avoid people who have a numbers advantage on you. But if you ever want to go force on force against a coordinated gang with EWAR you need your own gang.

Just as your only trying to take fights you are sure you can win with prep, so are they. You need to, as a solo pvper, avoid fights you can’t win to take the ones you can, rather than overpowering all through sheer personal dedication and will, which EVE does not value at all.

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Unfortunatly I havn’t got the time to scout before playing or wait for fleets etc, I barely have time to play as it is. Usually I log on for 30 mins or so, fight til I loose the ship and log off for the day. But I do have a few more ships left that needs to explode so I’ll continue a few more times to roam in LS and hopefully there will be more fighting and less ECM for my last ships. I just really had a hard time wrapping my head around why anyone would implement that ECM mechanic. Anyway I’m sure there are other games more suitable for my 30 min casual solo gaming sessions if this doesnt turn out to deliver my fun/hour requirements. :stuck_out_tongue:

What you can also do is add the ewar/ecm pilot as a contact at -5 (for example, or neutral too) personal standing to you. That way at least if you see them in local again there is some prewarning they may be in an ewar ship. You can even add a note on their character sheet what ship it is they were using.

Not great, but it can help at times.

There’s not much you can do. If I’m in low or null and have a spare mid-slot for whatever reason, I always fit an ECM burst jammer. I use it as a “hail mary” to get out of sticky situations. It works on multiple targets without needing a lock. But against a small gang, your chances of rolling a successful jam against everyone is slim.

I don’t find ECM to be overpowering at all. Two counters;

  1. Go nano and have ships that can shoot from range
  2. Bring bonused dampening ships like the Maulus, Celestis, or Keres.

I actually prefer dampening ships over ECM anyday of the week.

Get a sensor booster.

I think you have the awnser, if you want to fight a small gang that is prepared you are not going to come out on top.

But if you are asking for fun, almost all mmos have a type of stun mechanic normally by a lower damage unit used to set up kills, its just strategy.

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