Crime gangs of EvE Online / Quasi-claim for LowSec

Please consider creating a special Citadel module, for example Astrahus, for individual Corporations and large Alliances.

The limitation on the installation should be the level of Security Level, only for LowSec. And also the limitation on the number of active modules - one module per constellation, no more.

This module should allow representatives of a Corporation or Alliance to receive 5% of the cost of the ship they destroyed.

This module will spawn large formations in LowSec and intensify battles between Capital Ships.


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meh. It’s a new isk faucet, and it increases the amount of money people would get from insurance fraud. Plus, the one mod per constellation limitation will probably just end up enriching the big boys. If you were going to do it, it should be done without restrictions that would effectively exclude all but the most powerful groups. Moreover, mod price should be appropriately scaled (and possibly a guaranteed drop). If corps and alliances want the income, they should have to put something on the line.

Why don’t you go to actual low sec first and make all these empty systems with life before you want to create even more low sec that will be just as empty but create more problems than solutions for everyone else but your entitled little mind?

:+1: Great idea!

Eve Online is chronically short of conflict drivers and something like this is an obvious way to not only give something to fight over, but also force them to put something into space they have to defend. Have a one-per-constellation module that can be fit to an Upwell structure that provides a benefit only to the owning group address this. However, I wouldn’t make it so limited:

  • The modules can be used in any constellation in Empire space
  • There are a whole range of these modules that buff all sorts of activities: mining, missioning, ratting, industry, trading, bounty hunting, maybe loot drops? etc. There probably needs to be some thought and nuance around how these all work - like maybe the one that influences industry does it by allowing access to a new Teams system or something.
  • I think the bonus should probably be limited to only the corp (not the alliance) and the bonus/reward go directly to the player doing the action, not to the corp treasury to keep the feature rewarding membership and activity and not just a tax to collect for the leaders of the organization.
  • Knowledge of which group claimed the bonus is public as is the location of the Upwell structure.
  • To keep this balanced, the bonus would have to be small of course.

Be providing a bonus that only rewards activity and can only be claimed by corp members, you disincentivize large groups from running around claiming these bonuses that they can’t use. Sure, they will likely try to set up some racket or renting scheme, but that is game play. There is no prize to be had by just holding the bonus.

There is a lot of potential here to drive game play.


It would be nice if this module could tax 5% on the various sources of income in this constellation. For example, agent reward tax, Sansha Nation Incursion tax, Hunt tax on asteroid belts.

Then there would be an opportunity for the formation of quasi-holders. No rent, just tax.

Would turning these structures into quasi-reserve banks be a bad idea?

Corporation designates an Upwell structure as a Low Security Space Vault HQ and a modest percentage of this (player bounty) bonus would go into the ‘secure vault’ next to the structure core and the only way to access siphoned reserve funds is blowing up the structure or un-anchoring the structure.

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CCP made it clear that it is seeking to withdraw excess funds. Improving content for LowSec will help you achieve these goals faster.

LowSec has low margins but a very high share of operating expenses. At the moment LoveSec is empty due to the lack of major battles and reasons for competition.