Increasing the speed of mining barges

Mining barges are very slow and im sure every miner wishes they could make them a little faster. Rigs are cool but the speed increase is next to nothing since its percentage based. So perhaps introducing new rigs that give a fixed speed increase, for example +100 m/s per rig would be a good idea or perhaps introduce a new skill specifically for mining barges that increases speed for example +50 m/s per level. It could require navigation 5 or mining barges 5 for example. Or maybe there is an even better way to introduce some speed for barges. Bottom line is being able to fly barges faster would seem like it to be a welcome addition for any miner. Bring on the hate.

A better way would be to give them mid slots & PG/CPU to give the option of using an AB or MWD sensibly. Then you aren’t making them a potentially broken rig (I’m sure someone could break it somehow), but using a common mechanic, and if people chose not to, then it’s their problem the barges are slow.

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Seems like a good idea. Another thing is that for example the hulk costs about 415m isk. But its only slightly better in terms of isk/hour. If you increased its base speed to like 400 m/s (Perhaps less if you wanna make all barges able to fit an afterburner), at least it would have additional value then. Because right now it seems rediciolous its 415m compared to the covetor 26m which mines almost just as fast.

I agree with them being to slow, maybe add on mid slot to them all and have a cpu, and pg reduction to a MWD or Ab.

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Both the Procurer and the Skiff can fit a 10mn afterburner already. I still see them as slow but 570m/s is better then nothing. Fit a scram and web on the Skiff and shoot the- errm rocks.


They don’t need to move very much. Speed is low on the list of things a barge needs.

If anything, people want to make their barges slower with the anchor rig.


I use bookmarks actually, and never slow boat. I think its a waste of time and you are always at risk regardless of ship speed. IF ANYTHING id like to see better agility tbh… so i can warp out in under 5-10 seconds.

yea, creating a rig that increases the speed in non percentage would in fact be broken, but i don’t see why adding a trait that increases the speed would be nice. buffing engineering to allow it to use prop mods would be great for more reasons then not for a few of them

but i know just like the guy above me i realized bookming spots to warp to 0 and mine, although in wormholes can be tedious, stops you from having to slowboat and in k-space stops you from moving at all, when done right.

though i still think the retriever needs some engineering buffs, damn thing can barely warp across some systems even with good skills.

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Welcome back. This idea has potential for merit, however I must point out as Daichi did, you generally want them to move slower, not faster.

Typical mining process is to land on your bookmark, with your safe spot (be it a pin or a dockable location) just slightly out of line with a rock. You align at 75% velocity, and mine the rock.

Reason being when (not if, when) someone warps in on you to ruin your mining op, you just warp off. Being pre-aligned, your time to warp is zero seconds and they have exactly zero opportunity to gank your barge.

The Higgs rig, which does the opposite of what you ask, is fantastic for this. It slows you down considerably. This means that your 75% speed is substantially slower, which keeps you in range of the rock for longer. Once you get your skills up, this SHOULD most of the time mean that a single pass on a rock is a good time to dock up and empty your hold.

When it’s time to relocate, I must also agree with Imustbeconfused, it’s often far easier and faster to bookmark the next rock and then bounce to it via warp. Even when it isn’t faster to warp, it is still easier.

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I’m with Old Pervert on this one. Slower speeds are preferred for an align & mine set up.

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If you’re slow boating, you’re doing it wrong.

Learn to use bookmarks and fast scout frigates. A couple hundred kilometers above the plane of the belt makes a good bounce spot to move around the belt.

What you want can easily be achieved using a higgs rig in combination with armor rigs to slow you down. That way you can stay aligned and ready for warp. Bonus points if you have alts and let them web each other.

My mining fleet, composed of an Orca and three covetors, usually cruises around belts at a whopping eight meters per second, always ready to warp out. All it needs as preparation is a few minutes of setting up bookmarks in a line which allows you to cover the whole, or at least most of, the belt.

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