Incursion staging site : maximum fleet size?

reward given : 1-3 (within the max and min fleet size)
optimal of pilots : 3-5

Does this mean that we have practically no choice but to attack it with 3 peoples?

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Now that I am thinking about it I wonder if a golem can solo a staging site :thinking:

I think it references how payouts on a curve. So if you have under X amount of people you don’t get a payout. If you have more than X amount of ships payout is reduced until it’s 0. So, if you go above 3 pilots you may suffer a reduced payout.

Try it out with some friends or boxes. I know my answer is not the most helpful but WTM, TDF, NGA, TLA all do HQ’s and or VGs I hear staging sites require too much effort for only 3.5mil ISK. And from that agency blip it’s not 3.5mil isk in HS incursions I reckon that’s the NS value.

HQ sites pay out 31.5mil +7k LP in HS Literally lv 4 missions can be done faster than a staging site I bet. Again, just throwing out my thoughts I have 0 experience with staging.

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Following EVE patterns about how things work, I would assume that up to 3 pilots you can get full payment, which is 3 x 3.5 mil = 10.5 per site

Which means that if you have 4 pilots it will be 10.5 / 4 = 2.625 mil per pilot and 5 pilots will make 2.1 mil each and then if you have 6 pilots then someone will not receive anything.

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