Incursus Inconsistencies?

![Screenshot 2023-10-17 155800|690x388](upload://3DOPUzFCobFMv2fbXH7GYVdSTRx.jpeg)

Apparent Inconsistencies with the Incusus Capacity. I figured that it would be wise to report the bug.

I have no idea why the picture didn’t display on the original post.

Well yeah… you’re flying a ship called HIM-Chevalier and then viewing the attributes on a totally different ship called Darkryze ReBourne's Incursus. If one of your ships has a different fit than the other with modules affecting cargo capacity, then of course they will not match.


If you were paying attention, the ship has only been renamed -in naval terms, christened. On closer inspection, you would see that the ships displayed are of the same ship class: NOT the same as a ship’s name. The HIM - Chevalier is a nickname given to the chip by me, and has not a thing to do with the SHIP’s CLASS.

Your assessment was incomplete, sir.

You were correct about the ship’s fittings affecting the cargo hold. I checked, and I did have two propulsion modules equipped that inhibited the cargo capacity by -15%. I thank you additionally for noting that probability.

For some reason, that had not factored into my thought processes.

FYI, ship classes are:

  • Corvette
  • Frigate
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Battlecruiser
  • … etc

“Insursus” is not a ship class.

Not sure if the same in EVE but in real-life it goes like this:

Thus what you’ve listed are ship types and Incursus is a ship class. (At least based on the real-world conventions.)

It’s how CCP Games describes “ship classes” for new pilots:

It took me some time to find out what you mean.
So: A usual Incursus has a cargo of 165 m³, but yours just 119 m³
Reason: I guess you fitted an Overdrive Injector, which reduces your cargo capacity.

Next time please phrase your question in a comlete sentence including your problem.

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