Indiana Jones 5

Will you go see it?
Before you do, some words of caution:


So the first alternate ending James 315…ie; (Jones Indiana) dies along with his Son then Aiko-ana loots his hat and runs off with it to then go after the Miners who stole the 3 artifacts.


The 2nd alternate ending James 315 still dies but his Son ??? lives and runs off together with Aiko-ana to go kill Miners together to reclaim the 3 artifacts.

All in all I would still go see the new Indiana Jones movie when/if it comes out.



Both are nice endings! Nice.
I’ll go see it too.
But if I see Aiko in the movie I’m demanding my money back.

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I prefer: “Indy runs away from jungle gankers

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Sounds real iffy, not sure if this is worth watching

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I am just glad the moronic shrieks about how old Marion was when something happened between her and Jones has died down. Its always hard to tell if the press is just making the garbage up or if people are really that mental that they have such issues with a fictional story from the 1930s and 40s as if their own grandparents were different. :roll_eyes:

I won’t go see it because 99 percent of movies you just can’t tell if they are worth paying that price.

And I certainly don’t expect much from a 4rd sequel, but I have trouble believing anything could be worse than a scene that makes it look like all you need to survive a nuclear blast is a refrigerator to crawl inside of.

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That video was worth watching just for the jargon. Very witty stuff!

But as much as I share his disdain for ultra-feminism and “woke S***” I don’t get his disdain for Kathleen Kennedy and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, nor the idea of a female following in Indy’s footsteps in some fashion. Whether I accept that or not is going to depend a great deal on their relationship and her character development. I have met lots of capable females in my life, and lots of losers of both general genders as well.

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It’s not hard to tell:
The Press is always making sh!t up to rile people up. Lots of people have already lost their lives solely because of the Media. They have blood on their hands.

Give me a 2min trailer and I can tell if it’s worth it.

I agree. Yet I’ve seen more ridiculous than that in Hollywood movies. But who goes see a flick for realism? If I want that I just open my window and stare at the neighborhood.

Van Doomcock is the shiznit.

Watch his Star Wars sequels videos. You’ll know then.
Kathleen Kennedy is the worse thing ever to happen to movie-making, to Hollywood and to Disney.
John Favreau to the rescue!!! Woo-woop!!

Yet there is only and always will be ONE Indiana Jones, never to be duplicated, only destined to be poorly imitated.

RIP Dr.Jones


I won’t go see it in theaters, and when I do see it, it’ll be out of morbid curiosity more than anything.

The first three movies–even “Temple of Doom”–had a certain adventurous charm that was sorely lacking in “Crystal Skull.” Apart from nuking the fridge, I believe they made two bad casting decisions: Shia La Beouf and Cate Blanchett.

I’ve never seen a movie where Blanchett convinced me of the character she was playing. She’s always come across as an actress playing a part, and her acting is a jolting reminder I’m watching a movie rather than taking part in a story.

Shia simply didn’t have the chops for the role they gave him. I haven’t seen much of his work, but at least in some movies I was able to “buy” his performance. As Indy’s son, not so much.

Throw in nuking the fridge and that ridiculous sword fight and Tarzan routine, with far too much CGI, and “Kingdom” stands apart as an outlier in a franchise that had the potential to spearhead a genre.

Now I hear that we’re getting a “de-aged” Jones. In certain instances, deepfaking an actor’s face onto a similar body makes sense. Paul Walker and Carrie Fisher come to mind. When you have to put an actor’s younger face on themselves to sell the story and they’re the main star, that tells me there’s a problem.

Harrison Ford is a great actor, from “American Graffiti” to “Air Force One,” but he’s gotten old. Indiana Jones is an active character, and I just don’t buy that a man in his seventies or eighties is going to be able to run and fight the way we expect in an Indiana Jones movie.

As far as I’m concerned, Indiana Jones finished his run after “Last Crusade,” and hung up the whip to finish his career in teaching, and I’m okay with that.


I have a feeling you’re amongst a very large crowd that will do just that, me included.

…had no business in an Indy’s movie.

…is merely adequate ( I feel like being nice today )

Sadly, they don’t make ‘em like they used to. More than half of that new crop of actors/esses starting from the 90’s are disappointing if not completely lame and cringy as f-… Of course, the dialogues don’t help. They sound like they’re written by a group of tree-hugging Starbucks’ latté-sipping teenagers.

Yeah, there is a problem: Harrison Ford is old - let’s face it - he doesn’t fit the character anymore and it will be a long time, if ever, before they find someone able to make us forget the man whom the character was built for in the first place.

Clearly you’ve never met my dad.

I could watch an entire movie with Harrison as Dr.Jones going through sarcastic drama as a teacher… that would even be more interesting than anything they tried to do in “Crystal Skull”.


Agreed on all fronts. I should clarify, I’ve met men in their seventies who could fight, but Harrison–for all the things I like about him–ain’t one of 'em.

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