Individual pilots as wardec allies

a huge benefit to the game right now would be the ability for individual pilots to be able to offer assistance to corporations and alliances, several times in the past people while independent have been at war, i would of loved to of offer assistance to help them structure bash.

similar to how faction warfare is, you can sign up to fight for a NPC group, i think you as an individual pilot should be allowed to offer assistance in wars for corporations.

this would also be good for people playing as bounty hunters and mercenaries, if you’re an indy corp and then you hire mercs to war dec for you, can simply as a merc offer assistance to a war already in place.

from what I understand the way you can do this now is between corporations, I think people should be able to offer services that way.

maybe something to think on for bounty hunting, seems to me the community is making it work out of a labour of love, not only have i thrown my own mix into the hat, but with opportunities and two other groups i’ve found it seems to be making a come back.

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Like an alliance facwar system, where you can enlist with the alliance of your choosing, and then fight for them wherever they need you, but you won’t need to leave your current corp, and it isn’t over plexes, it is over stations, and whatever else they might need to defend/attack?

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You can do this easily if you have your own corp. If you’re in an npc Corp, then you can’t.

It’s only if you’re a member of a Corp that doesn’t want to get involved. At which point you can leave that corp, fight the war, then rejoin.

Having some members of a corp involved in a war and others not involved seems a bit odd.

exactly right, as mentioned I’ve known people in other groups who’s been at war who I’ve gone “i’m not flying with them but i’d go help defend them” but i’m also equally in a position where i don’t want to leave my current alliance, i should be able to have a choice of being able to offer assistance or enlist.

as mentioned for mercenary groups within the game it allows people who do PVP and do merc work to personally offer assistance within the game without having to sink the cost of an entire structure, obviously you have corps and alliances who can join fights and that makes it easier for the merc corps in the game, but If my buddies are in trouble or a group i like and respect is getting whooped, i don’t feel I should be forced to leave my corp and join theirs and sacrifice the opportunities / resources in front of me and corp mates i am currently flying with.

I feel and way of personally enlisting or applying to enlist would help bring a huge social element to the game and helping people connect further, it gets people talking, especially if you’re a miner / indy player with no combat skills you find yourself reaching out to people, so with a public channel and some kind of offer to help / enlistment options would be pretty sweet

All in all, this isn’t all that bad of an idea.

However it runs contrary to the concept of corps and alliances being “one in, all in” for hisec wars.

I think leaving your corp and rejoining after the war will remain your only option.

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