Industry calculators. Are ANY of them correct?

I use my own calculators because so far:

  • fuzzworks
  • adam4eve

Are both inaccurate (or just too cumbersome to make correct, not sure which).

That’s for Pi.

So I built a calculator for Industry, just putting finishing touches on taxes and fees with a partner of mine.

And I am looking forward to testing some of the Industry calculators as well.

But basically the point of this thread is to discuss the calculators. Why the two mentioned seem incorrect.

What industrial calculators do people use and find them to be accurate?

I used Eve-cost. I don’t know if it does PI, but it does Blueprints. I rarely use it though because the profit margin on most of my stuff is pretty apparent. It’s probably more useful to larger corps.

I’m very interested in this calculator for now, I want to grow into down-stream industry.

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I see its existence. But is it correct?. Ugh I’ll have to finish an example sheet template to double check.

What exactly are you seeing as incorrect with my site? (Fuzzwork)

As far as I’m aware, it’s correct.

Lets PM and I’ll see if I can reconstruct it for you. Thanks for the reply!

Calculators will never be accurate for prices - they are market driven and fluctuate constantly. For PI, even quantity can be variable since colonies established on a planet by other players will impact your harvest. It’s a PVP game - interaction with other players tends to be asynchronous for those of us in industry but it’s real and it’s what makes the game interesting.

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