Indy, PVP, PVE, Explo - Pilots Wanted!

Infinitely Stoned Fabrications is rebuilding our empire and looking for skilled and newbro industrial, PVE and PVP pilots to join our team!

We offer:

  • Blueprint copies from a vast, well researched BPO library
  • Enhanced ME/TE/INV Research complex
  • Manufacturing complex
  • Enhanced T2 reprocessing complex
  • 0% facility tax and brokers fee
  • Unlimited growth potential (leaders are needed and welcomed!)
  • Ship replacement program (during fleet operations)
  • Fleet mining operations w/ boosts
  • Small gang PVP operations
  • Lvl 4 PVE operations
  • Exploration operations
  • New player experience - we’ve trained hundreds of newbros over the years and welcome new players who want to learn EvE from players with over a decade of experience.

ISF is a gang of friendly, mature players who enjoy EvE and make the most of it every day. We welcome pilots of any experience and can provide you the infastructure you need to make the most out of your Eve play time!

Join our chat channel PTX Fleet in-game to learn more, or simply apply in-game today!

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