Inertial Stabilizer II Prices?

Since I’ve already made my fair share of profit by buying up all of horde’s cheap inertial stabilizer 2’s, i guess i’ll let everyone else know about this.
Inertial stabilizers are through the roof right now, sell orders at 1.3m each in jita and buy orders at 700k each. The cost to produce one of these is roughly 250k, so there’s a huge margin for profit here.
Heads up to everyone else because I want to spread the wealth :smiley:
here’s a link to current prices and production costs

Sounds to me like you are making stablixers and making it seem like a better deal than it is.
puts on tinfoil hat

Thanks to my valiant efforts to make goods cheaper for the rest of us, the prices of inertial stab 2’s have gone down to 1m sell and 700k buy. We need to keep reducing prices so rich people can’t profit off it!!!

Update: Prices have fallen significantly, we need to continue making this unprofitable for industry people

Oh nice, did you off load all your stock yet? Seems like you might have. I always like these “I’m here to help others” market posts. Good work.

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