Price of Drone Transceivers Going Down Down Down

Wow, prices have plummeted over the last few months, from 3Mil isk to under 1 Mil isk and still going down.

What has stopped being manufactured to cause this drop?

Thanks for the news! Time to buy!

Not sure what the important changes affecting it were. It’s used in a lot of Tech II, Capital, Drone and Mining/Citadel stuff. So could be some of the changes to those.

Could be that the new market fees are leading people to price them completely differently or compete to unload excess stock or something.

Could be that the latest ‘grind’ strategies drop more of them.

Could be all of those plus half a dozen other things I don’t know enough about to be aware of.

If I were to throw out a hip-shot guess without doing any actual research, I’d say there’s probably been some drop off in demand for drone mining aug II rigs due to anomaly and moon changes.

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