Swaggar Standup T2 market prices - 0 isk


Has been showing 0 for the “adjusted_price” for all T2 Standup modules (i.e. Standup Signal Amplifier II, etc.)

Would like to see these updated if possible please.

Those are determined by the game. ESI does nothing. If you want prices established, start selling them.

I am selling them, and have been for months. Many other people are as well and have been since they were introduced. All you have to do is look at Jita Market.
It is possible the API is looking at a rolling average of sorts over a span of many months and is choking on the period of time prior to introduction. Not sure when the T2 variants were introduced, but I’m thinking 4-6 months ago… Was asking if they could look at their Query and at least get something relevant in there based on the several months of active selling that’s already taken place.

That’s what I mean, that information is not “made” by ESI, but merely fetched. It’s the game that calculates those numbers. ESI isnt choking on anything.

You assume that ESI and Eve are 2 completely separate companies with no communications or relationship.
Also, this IS an EVE forum, not an ESI forum, so I AM asking the makers of the game to fix it. Please stop replying if you have nothing constructive to add. Your criticisms and repeated trolling are not solving any problems.

What he is trying to say is that it isn’t the endpoints or ESI’s fault that they are still 0.

However, it would be better to submit a bug report than making a thread on the forums.

Should the ESI implementation actually be running queries against the eve DB, and given there are actual sales of this item occurring, it is very possible the ESI queries (if implemented this way) are the cause of the issue. So you are making an assumption, along with Krysenth that ESI is not in a position to solve the issue. Unless you know the architecture, you are making absolute statements you can’t back up. The issue could resolve with statistical data accumulated by the eve DB, or it could reside in ESI’s implementation. I don’t know which, but a forum post was a first step to bring the issue up. If you don’t know the architecture though, don’t make assumptions and absolute statements about where problems may exist.

Yes, a bug report may be more effective. Thank you for that constructive feedback.

I brought it up with the ESI dev team.

https://github.com/esi/esi-issues/issues/new?template=bug.md for reporting your bug.

In the future maybe try to keep personal attacks based on assumptions you are also making to yourself. As you said it doesn’t help the conversation.

It’s probable that the adjusted price, within Eve, is 0. It’s not a direct creation from the market price. You can see that if you compare things. iirc, it’s actually a manual process to generate them.

iirc, the primary uses are for industry (inputs only. not products), refining taxes, and FW LP calculations.

ESI is just exposing what’s in the Eve DB.

Steve is hitting the nail on the head basically. Aside from limited places it can directly interact with the game, ESI simply exposes information, not create it.

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