(INIT.) Null Sec Corp Looking For More Members

Are you wanting to rat and make billions of isk a week? Are you into mining and want to mine to your hearts content? Look no further than Rageaholics Inc! A small corp founded by some null sec guys, we moved into space with INIT. to build some wealth. If you arent looking to do CTAs or mandatory ops all the time, come have a chat with us and see if we are for you.


Ratting and mining sites galore
No mandatory CTAs
Ore buyback program at generous prices
Only 7.5% tax (most corps are 15% in null)


10m sp and able to be self sustaining
Discord / working mic

Join our in-game channel “.R4GE Pub” and see if we are right for you!

Daily bump. Still looking for members to join our small band of PvE/Miners to make isk.

Bump to the top!


Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!!

Still recruiting. Join the pub channel and have a chat with us today :slight_smile:

Still recruiting!

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