Injecting Skills... an old school thought

I know this sounds very old and I am nearly 14 New Eden Years of age, but, reading about the app it struck me like a lightning bolt that the use of the word ‘injecting’ regarding skills is kind of a gasping junky’s incentive word.
Could ‘injecting’ be changed to ‘synthesizing’?
Would that bo so hard?

I know, it’s a hyper-sensitive thought to have, but when pretty much all you hear on the news is mass shootings and drug and gang related wars, would it be so much to ask?

Ok… Done now…

We don’t need this snowflake SJWism in EVE. Stop it.


Synthesizing is already used in the making of in-game drugs.

–Gadget wonders what you’re trying to push


They could change it if you provide some nice word like “skill herbal infusion” or so. But this game has extreme violence and wars and gangs wrecking and podding so it should not be changed because it makes people want drugs to become smart…

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Can’t wait for OP to stumble upon these in-game…




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