Insta Warp System Paying for Warp Welling

I’m certain haulers and Orca pilots will love this idea.

Everyone knows that gankers look for Orcas and Haulers on gates to bump. Doesn’t matter if the pilot in question is AFK and on auto-pilot.

Based on the Expert System of purchasing a skill set for a ship for a limited time, this idea would fit into the same category.

You would purchase the Insta Warp System for a number of jumps 10 jumps, $1.99, 20 jumps $3.99, or 30 hours at $7.99.

When purchased and activated on any ship, the Insta Warp System would Insta Jump the ship 250 km in the direction of travel that the ship is facing when it de-cloaks after coming through a gate.

A player can also use the IWS while traveling at or below 100 m/s.

Basically the player is paying for the gate to send it 250km in the direction it is facing after declining, much like the Mobil Warp Depot does.

A cool down timer of :30 seconds would then follow. If the ship is being bumped, which ever direction the ship was facing when bumped and the IWS is activated is the location the ship would IWS in.

Scrambling the target would nullify the IWS system though.

Using the IWS would also guarantee that when your ship came through a gate that it would be in a random location around the gate at between 20 to 25 km from the gate.

However, you could not use the IWS in a system where you were -1.00 to the faction in that system.

The player would deternine when to use the IWS by clicking the IWS Token that is in their Plex Vault.

This idea would add value to CCP in keeping players around where the money invested by the player for the IWS would go towards server upgrades, pay raises devs, to continuing having Eve Fests at the old locations and new locations as well.

So much winz for all of New Eden and so much tearz much tearz for, ah…just so much tearz for the ganker bearz.

When profit is introduced into the game where the developers win, who would want to look the other way at fake stats of ganking ships?

Looking at the monthly profit pie, yes I do see IWS Warp Welling has brought in much more revenue and retained more rookie players who would opt in to purchase the Gold Expert Pack, 7 days of Covetor Mining Barge Skills + 15 IWS Warping Welling Tokens for $12.99 compared to the player quitting because they had to pay $20.00 in Plex to replace several of their barges. Not to mention the IWS Warp Welling Tokens can be purchased by an Alpha.

Money talks CODE. Bullsquid Gank in Catalysts.

Sorry Aux, Subs and Capitola, the IWS does not work for your ships. IWS range is also reduced the deeper you travel into lower sec status systems.

So much winz.

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RL money should stay out of the sandbox. There’s far too much RL in the sandbox as it is.


No, just no


If real world money stayed out of the sandbox, Eve Online would have crashed and burnt years ago.

At one point in time, you had to pay to play Eve Online. Every month for several years I dulled out a subscription fee of $14.99 or bo play at all.

Having a pay to Insta warp system would add more money to CCP’s coffers.

The money made by CCP just doesn’t go towards server maint, paying employees but also goes into purchasing space and ads for Eve Fest.

Having better paid Devs would also ensure the hamster stays happy and doesn’t turn the switch one morning.

Why just say no?

The Expert System is allowing rookies to purchase skills for a certain amount of time. So why not allow all players to purchase a number of limited Insta warps that had to be used within a month?

I’ve seen some garbage ideas in my time and this has to be up there on the terrible ranking. My vote is no. We don’t need or want crap like this in the game.


And give a specific reason why?

how do I unread this!! my eyes!!!


And what specific reason do you have for hating the idea? Hating the idea just to hate isn’t a reason.

I have re-thought the idea:

3 Insta Warp Tokens for $1.99, 5 IW Tokens for $3.99.

Tokens would last for a month before vanishing from the players account.

Insta Warp Tokens would not work to get around bubbles and would not be immune to warp scrambling.

Cloaked ships could not use them while cloaked.

Your account would have to be three months old in order to use the IW token.

Alpha accounts using the token would only be able to Insta warp 150 km while an Omega account could Insta Warp to 200 km.

Only industrial ships, haulers, freighters, and barges could use them. The Venture and Prospector are not able use the token.

The Insta Warp has been changed from Instant to Half meaning that the acceleration to warp critical velocity is halved for orcas and freighters, 10% for Bowheads, 25% for barges and 90% for haulers.

Bumping would not cause the velocity of the ship to be effected while the token was being used.

Token cool down time increased to 45 seconds.

…or make it possible for freighters and orcas to use Triglavian filaments.

Maybe for $29.95, they can sell golden ammo. With it, from any location in New Eden, I can destroy the ship of anyone I want, who posted a bad idea on the forums.

How about that?

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Normally I do offer a “why” when offering my opinion but in this case It’s that bad of an idea that if you have to ask why then you have cement for brains. It’s so obviously bad it’s a waste of my precious time on earth to do more than state the obvious, which still was a waste of time.

The game is already broken to the extent that i agree with ur idea.
Let the $$$$ flow !!

bahahahaha ■■■■■■■ stupid idea… CCP would probably implement it

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It shouldn’t be an expert system. You should start a convo with Concord. Then you and the ganker can start a bidding war to determine which side Concord takes in the conflict.

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just have CONCORD do a coin toss…

Where can we buy coins?

No, because it unbalances the game and because it’s P2W.

A classic Dryson idea.

Idea will fall apart after 1s of thinking about it
Could easy be worked around
Will probably make ganking easier
Will probably end high sec by introducing extremely abusable new game mechanics intended for “the gud guys”
Will introduce some ridiculous sideeffects all over EVE
Something something scissors
Makes muliple appeals to CCP’s wallet, because if they can earn a buck they hopefuly ignore how dumb the idea is.


New limitation to the Insta Warp on a gate. If a gank takes place on a gate in High Sec, then while CONCORD is on the gate, Insta Warp Tokens would not be usable.

The pilot would also have to be present to activate the the token as automating the Insta Warp Token would be an offense that would get the account permantly banned.

It’s not pay to win.

Explain how purchasing Insta Warp Tokens is pay to win when the Expert System is not pay to win, which I see you don’t have any problems with.