Insta Warp System Paying for Warp Welling

What ransom are you talking about?

Once again, trying to make something out of nomething that was never said to begin with.

Imagine the salt when they die anyway.

To be up front I’m not a fan of the expert system but you really cannot compare the two.

Your idea is P2W as you are literally paying for an item to give you a direct advantage in the game.

The expert system can be seen as different. Yes you get skills but you have to factor that into EVE as skills alone are a small part of the gameplay.

As an example, you could take a brand new pilot, inject every skill into the game, and they will die in a fire over and over and over again.

That is one of the beauties of EVE. Literally an alpha who knows how to fly can take down someone with massive “skillpoints” on omega but no actual game skills.

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You are incorrect.

The base of Eve Online learning skills is not based on someone learning the skills.

Skill parameters, based how on chemical stimuli are interpreted by the brain to create muscle memory data is how skills are learned, muscle memory skills that are injected into clone brain.

You have to remember that your old body has been dead for years, your soul and memory transferred and stored in the most secure data base known to creation.

Not even God’s can crack the Perosnal Storage Systems of New Eden.

Because your brain is a living digital algorythm that is stored in a computet, there is no loss of memory or soul due to the natural process of decay like there is with a short lived body.

As such, due to clone technology that allows a fresh clone to be used along with the Personal Storage Systems that keeps the memory of the person alive inside of the storage system through a Hexadecimal numbering system. Each skill or personal trait of the Capsuleer, skills such as walking or running are kept in a different Hexidecimal base that creates muscle movement while personal traits such as the like of flowers and the dislike of drinking certain flavors of beverages are kept in another separate Hexidecimal library.

Because muscle contractions are made base on electrical pulses based on a necceasry skill, walking, breathing, eating, for example, the electrical impulses can be turned into a clone and fresh brain.

When the brain encounters the signals the brain reacts much the way it did while in the womb, I.e. the walking of the mother causes the fetus to slop around into the womb where the artificial up and down motions created by walking that is transferred through fluidic motion creates muscle memory retention in the fetuses brain.

This is why we see new born babies kicking their feet and throwing arms. Those actions are memories that have been created while in the womb that the baby remembers. A simple artificial electrical sigbal. The baby learn to walk based on how the mother walks while pregnant.

Basically, the motion of the womb fluid causes the fetuses legs and arms to move around that creates electrical impulses that are stored in the babies brain.

Therefore, the Capsuleer can have skills inserted into the storage data base that are then transferred to the Capsuleers cloned brain at determined levels that allows the Capsuleer’s clone brain to convert those Hexidecimal packages into top tier muscle rention movements.

Ok this deserves a serious what the f?

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I was explaining how skills are based on muscle memory related to electric currents in the brain creating memory that enables the brain create electrical impulses that cause muscles to tense thus causing movement.

The real goal was to show that the Expert System is not cheating but is merely the system putting in a limited memory block in the Capsuleers brain that allows the player to use Expert Skills, that once the session is complete, the skills are removed from the data core and the link to clone brain severed.

I understood what you were explaining. However it has no relevance to anything I said, hence the WTF.

The main point is unlike most other MMO’s where more XP gives you more power, EVE SP gives you more access to items, but that on its own means very little. The more important part is the real life skills you learn from playing this game.

You can take a highly skilled alpha player and he can wipe the floor with someone who bought a 150mil SP character but hasn’t learn the art of piloting. Hence where expert systems isn’t a P2W mechanic.

However your idea where you can buy an item that gives you an advantage without needing any RL skill to use is totally P2W

What real life skills are you referring to?

Eve Online is not real life where anything you learn can be applied to a job, unless you found a corporation and then build that corporation into a player empire.

In the above case though, player empires are always created by real world people with a lot money who simply throw excess money they have at the game.

Now, as you were saying.

The act of playing the game?

Take for example a high SP player with T2 guns and stuff. If they don’t understand or are well practiced with how to pilot their ship, they can get destroyed by an alpha player with T1 guns who understands how to maintain high transversal etc to avoid getting hit, as well as how to control optimal range etc.

You cannot “buy” those skills. They only come through practice.