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You literally indicate how to yourself.

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I just had to plug myself back into capsuleer GalNet in response to this extraordinary development, especially having spent my half-decade stint as an independent capsuleer as part of the Federal Defence Union (funnily enough, it has been almost a full decade hence).

Anyway, the Caldari crocodile tears are simply incredible to behold. Sorry you can’t extract profit from occupied peoples, I suppose? Or is it some other ideological, deeply philosophical concept about duty or service, described by a word that you all refuse to run through the language translator, because it is simply too profound for foreigners to understand?

A reminder that neither CONCORD nor the Caldari State recognize the Intaki Assembly (or any other Federation member-state) as sovereign; only the Federation by virtue of its Charter does.

I see that some megacorp CEOs have decided to shed some aforementioned crocodile tears before CONCORD. My condolences that their beloved imaginary lines will go down (yes, yes, I am certain the counterpart lines in Federation markets are going up in response).

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Except that legal authority isn’t actual, effective control.

If it was, the warzones wouldn’t exist at all, because no matter how many complexes people orbit in their frigates, control would never change. Heck, if legal authority was actual, effective control, crime would not exist. It couldn’t, because the legal governments would have control over everything.

You really miss everything don’t you?

The Intaki never leave the Federation when their system is occupied under CEMWPA, they’re still in the Federation, the Federation still has control, and as we can obviously see were always entirely capable of reversing the occupation through force and disregard the Intaki’s interests in terms of naval presence.

I’m not a Federal tax expert so I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure they still also pay taxes and follow Federal laws while occupied too.

They get their suffrage revoked though and thus can be removed from any election equation at almost any time and I wouldn’t put it past beauracrats in the Federation sliding some funding under the table to Caldari mercenaries to see Intaki occupied and thus removed temporarily if they threatened the interests and stakes of their political opponents at a time.

I really don’t know how you’re incapable of seeing that the Federation created a method of removing their most important rights as maintaining a strong degree of control over the Intaki people. They didn’t need the Navy to control Intaki under that status quo, their legal craftyness had done it excellently for over a decade.

Presumably all that has changed is an increased paranoia about the Caldari State and/or ISP and the status quo was no longer suitably secure enough to maintain that grip.

Martial law and permanent housing of Navy units seems to be their replacement method for now.

Really, so the Federation had control when the State was auctioning off access to the system’s resources? The Federation had control when Lai Dai was making off with Intaki cultural artifacts? Explain to me again how the Federation was controlling those things, before we go any further.

It was capable of intervening, it is Federation space. But to intervene militarily would have not benefitted the Federation so they didn’t.

Was it? How, if not militarily? Surely you’re not claiming that the Federal Navy ‘invading’ Federation space (and how does the Federation Navy invade Federation space?) would have been fine with you then, are you?

The capability to do something and choosing not to is intrinsically a choice. They were much more concerned with re-invading Caldari Prime and being spooked by a lone Leviathan in a defensive posture anyway.

That doesn’t mean they had control, though. How were they supposed to control it? Are you suggesting that if the Federation had dropped supers into Intaki to expressly interfere with Megacorporate activities, there would have been no response from the State that was not completely within Federation control?

With the stroke of a pen.

Just as I said in my own official statement yesterday, it appears that the President has always had the ability to remove entire constellations from the officially recognised warzone, seemingly without invalidating the entire treaty, despite the protestations of the State.

So why not before now?

If Federal “control” of a given system was necessary, then there have been many occasions over the years where the Federal militia held dominance, including very early in the conflict.

But of course the question remains as to whether it was absolutely necessary for the Gallente Federation to include the Intaki system in the warzone from the very start at all.

But there is a legitimate concern over the potential for State retaliation. I question though whether this would be focussed on the Intaki system in particular, no longer subject to CEWMPA as it is.

The State has certainly never invaded any other Federal system beyond the official warzone, other than Luminaire during the Battle of Caldari Prime of course, but that world is of particular significance and no matter how special Intaki Prime may be, it is not the same thing to the Caldari at all.


But would that have actually had any effect on the State’s actions? You and I both know it wouldn’t have. The State would have mocked the Federation and continued to do whatever they wanted unless opposed by military force.

Possibly because different people were in office? I mean, demanding to know why this President didn’t take this action during the previous windows of Federal control that all happened before she was elected this summer… s’kinds silly, isn’t it? She didn’t do it because she wasn’t President then.

That is absolutely a legitimate question. But the politicians who did that are clearly not the same ones occupying the President’s office now. So… what? Should we hold you responsible for your grandfather’s failure to destroy the Drifters and Triglavians years before we knew about them? Obviously, that’d be stupid, and holding the current administration responsible for the failures of their predecessors is equally foolish.

There absolutely is. However, have the State given any indication of retaliation outside the warzone? So far, no. So far, they’ve used angry words, but not railguns or missiles. So while we can be concerned… let’s not be alarmist. This is still very much a ‘let’s see what happens’.


We do?

I don’t.

Escallation within the bounds of CEWMPA is one thing, but are you sure that the State would have willingly escalated beyond that?

Bear in mind, I speak as someone for whom Intaki Prime matter more than anything else, and I have witnessed Caldari and State aggression against that world and its people on multiple occasions.

But even I grudgingly recognise that it is the CEWMPA conflict that has framed all of that destruction and violence.

Just look at the recent Intaki crisis where even Lai Dai attempted to explain away or validate their crimes against the civilian population by referencing corporate reparation clauses from that treaty.

And now Intaki is exempt, and those excuses don’t work any more.

To openly escalate beyond that now would render CEWMPA moot entirely, and all bets would be off between the Federation and State.

Tensions are extremely high at the moment, but I’m not sure the State would wish to cross that line.


With Caldari Megacorporate military operating in the system, do you think the State would have meekly withdrawn them? Do you think Lai Dai would have abandoned its facilities on the surface? All absent the presence of Federation Navy forces, with just ‘the stroke of a pen’?

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Would Lai Dai corporate leadership want to be responsible for all out war between Federation and State?

Lai Dai left Intaki Prime a long time ago.

It’s worth noting that the Intaki Assembly successfully negotiated a peace treaty with Lai Dai and other occupying mercenary forces.

There are serious concerns regarding the details of those negotiations, but the fighting stopped, and the occupying forces left.

It was only after that had happened that Federal Marines arrived and landed, itself a breach of the minimal naval presence in system, and is Federal forces that have been there ever since, not State.

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That assumes the State would recognize Federal authority to withdraw Intaki from the warzone. Which there’s no reason to believe, absent military force to back up that stroke of a pen.

Perhaps I’m merely a closet optimist and I’m definitely an outlier among the Intaki, it seems. I realize the presence of the Federation military forces both on the ground and in the skies above Intaki is a breach of the original agreement between the Intaki and the Federation signed centuries ago but I choose to recognize that different times call for different measures.

When the original agreement was signed, there was no CEMWPA, there was more stability and less threatening both the Federation and Intaki from all sides. Our home has been in a constant state of turmoil, it’s been ransacked more than once and we’ve been under near constant occupation by one military force or another.

We complain that we’re denied the right to vote when we’re under State occupation because the CEMWPA capsuleer militia representing the Federation either doesn’t give a damn enough to secure Intaki or is utterly incapable of doing so and then we blast the Federation for it. We complain that our voices are silenced while we’re under occupation but bristle every time the Federation does something to correct that problem.

The Federation has put military forces on the ground and in the skies but they haven’t looted our temples and destroyed our infrastructure and culture. They’ve secured our home against non-Federation occupation which eliminates the problem of external occupation being used as a way to silence us in the political arena.

I know we may not like the situation as it stands right now but this has opened the door to a more permanent and stable arrangement between the Federation and Intaki and may very well lead to a more prosperous future and a significantly improved relationship with the Federation, whom we are signatory and founding members of. All I’m suggesting is that we give the Federation and the Assembly a chance to talk through the next steps and see where things settle before we continue with this spur of outcry and outrage.

We were once a people of patience and contemplation who would have waited to see clearly once the dust settled before acting. We have lost that quality somewhere in the midst of this.


I notice CONCORD is particularly silent right now. What Id give to be a fly on the wall of Korachi’s office.

While I agree with most of your statement, this part is overly sweeping. Yes, there are radicals but there are also many who have displayed years of patient, measured advocacy.

A fair point. In my lamenting the outcry here, I have perhaps allowed it to cloud my perception.

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Intaki is Intaki!