Intaki Moon Mining

While exploring I noticed that Intaki does not have resources like a “normal” HighSec system. Specifically the Moon resources are more like that found in LowSec, which I suppose is not surprising given that it was Low Sec about a year or so ago.

I am predominantly involved in the Industry side of the game and Moon Mining would be a very important income stream, particularly since the asteroid fields only appear twice per week in Intaki.

However, moon mining is not possible in Intaki because it has a Security Level of 0.6 and the Moon Drills only operate in systems with security levels of 0.5 and lower.

If, because of Intaki’s turbulent past and current anomalies/differences, perhaps a way could be found to adjust the Intaki system and have it modified down to a 0.5 security rating to permit moon mining in a fairly remote system.

… Just a thought, but it would be appreciated if it could be done.

Under the hood, Intaki is low sec. I’m assuming that it’s 0.6 to avoid having to unravel the code to be able to change things properly. There are nearby .5 systems you could mine instead.

I am not entirely sure that coding is a real issue. I suspect the framework could be readily cloned from other 0.5 systems in terms of the rules that govern the system. Hopefully not changing the other aspects of Intaki like the resources. It stands out because it is a low sec system that got mostly “civilized” up to 0.6 all of a sudden (bypassing 0.5) for reasons unknown to me, and it seems a great shame that the interesting moon resources (not available in 0.5 systems because of Intaki’s unique heritage) are there but cannot be touched.

It’s the reason why the belt asteroids are low sec ores still (and why it’s always mined up). It stands that the moons are still the low sec resources.

That’s very true Malak. It’s one of the reasons that I would like to be able to mine the moons too. I guess I am just hoping that Intaki could be “adjusted” so that we could moon mine as well! :slight_smile:

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