Intel N100?

Could anyone try and run Eve Online on said processor and share the experience? I’m really interested to make a small farm of those tiny PCs for some fun in EVE :smiley:

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Ban? This is the kind of creative customer CCP is looking for. They’ll probably feature him in a future episode of Community Beat.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Low budget pc with that cpu scores higher than my 2016 beast.

I’m still using Broardwell

I’ll assume the OP is serious, and at least give a sensible answer.

It’s comparable to my current, twelve year old, PC as a processor - possibly slightly less capable. This is the PC I run Eve on currently. It runs a single client (never tried more) OK. I’ve a 1050ti Nvidia card in there that just about coped.

Will a low power desktop client type box based on a N100 run Eve? Almost definitely not - not unless you’ve paired it with a reasonable GPU, something a NUC type box never tends to have. The processor was designed for low power applications (cheap business desktop clients, POS devices and so forth) not gaming. People (normal non-masochists) won’t have made a 6w processor, 150w GPU abomination.

So, you believe that while the CPU should be sufficient, the build-in GPU won’t even allow the game to load?

Thanx for the answers.

Edit: while ive got old gpus that can easily run EVE, i definitely don’t own a GPU External enclosure (usb or thunderbolt), in order to beef up the NUC.
but that would rather not be the point of using a NUC to begin with.

I believe that it would load - it’s a modern chip with all the right features in it’s onboard GPU - so the client has little reason to reject it. I doubt it would be playable. I can’t find performance figures for the built-in graphics on the N100 - it’s a UHD set up, but at horribly low clock speed and core count, it’ll be pulling it’s “VRAM” as a share of the much lower performance main RAM.

Purely as guess work I suspect you’d be in the low single figure frames per second in the lowest graphics settings. This is “playing Eve on a shop till”.
The graphics frame rate may not even keep up with the server tick-rate. Heaven knows what the client does then…

Getting it to load and playable are different things.

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**Intel N100 scores 5635 vs my multibox capible 2016 beast 5230 **

I am even thinking of looking up about the Intel N100 to see where i can buy one!

I’d be happy (ok, possibly not happy, more educated) to be proven wrong. I was rather working on my previous experience of integrated graphics compared to a dedicated card. If integrated units, particularly at that power level can match a 1070 or similar then I’m impressed (and wrong).

So saying, people are claiming not entirely bad figures for some games on modern Intel integrated graphics.

That the N100 is the match for an eight year old i7 is less of a surprise - that’s Moore’s law for you. If it does, that 6w figure is dazzling.

However I’ll refrain from eating my hat - it’s good quality leather, I’m old and my teeth ain’t what they used to be.

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Start here and see where it takes you.

There is no way it matches a gtx1070.
There is no desktop apu that can offer similar speeds to 980ti or 1070.

The new igpus usually are slower from even a gtx670.

But even at 10-15fps, playing Eve in specific worklouds is acceptable for me.
For example, low danger hauling, Venture mining, planetary interaction, marketeering.

My hat may be safe from a serious gumming.

Don’t underestimate how irritating 5fps would be - keyboard press to character appearing on screen starts to drive you gently insane. It will feel very laggy and unresponsive.

I’m seriously curious as to how it would perform, not curious enough to buy a N100 system, but definitely intrigued.

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Same here I don’t need to go out and buy a new pc parts just yet!

/All I do with this one is clear out the dust bunnies and reseat the cpu

It was amazing the cooling improvement I got vacuuming the were-rabbit warren out if the radiator of the AIO.

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Isn’t there a video of someone running EVE on a, literaly, potato pc at low res where he had, like, 5 fps or less ?

It not since this last update of the graphics overhaul.

In the end I think this latest graphics update and coding would have cost them millions more in lost multiboxers

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